For The Love of Sewing and The Hate of Bias Tape

Recently I have had plenty of time to re-connect with some of my hobbies; mainly sewing and photography.

Back in the UK, I was a Primary School Teacher and absolutely loved my job!  Ensuring that children enjoyed learning and had experienced different things was my passion.  I liked to do alternative activities and worked in a school where everyone worked hard to provide all children with opportunities that would set them up for the future.  As a teacher, I always found it hard to get the work/life balance right!  When I did have spare time, I would be decorating our house, walking the dog or just relaxing!  I know these are hobbies but there are other things that I love doing too; like sewing, photographing, blogging, crafting…..the list goes on!

For the last couple of weeks, I have fallen back into these hobbies and I LOVE it 🙂  There are so many ‘perks’ or ‘positives’ about sewing, so I thought I would list mine!

1)  I love being able to make things upon request; pyjamas, sleeping masks, bags.

2)  Finding bargain fabric means bargain creations…everyone loves a bargain!

3)  Making/ designing my own clothes to fit me.  I don’t have to worry about sizes, fit or cost…because all of that is down to me.

4)  Connecting with other people who love sewing, whether it be at the fabric store, through blogs or other social media.  Sharing projects is great!

5)  My little creative mind is buzzing!  I have so many projects in mind and I am excited about every one!


However, for everything that has ‘perks’, there are also some small ‘negatives’!  These negatives will never stop me from sewing but I have to live with them.  Adam has to live with some of them too!

1)  Thread and fluff everywhere!  Even though I have my own little sewing area, we are finding bits of thread in every room and on every other piece of fabric within the apartment!  Whoops!

2)  It is addictive!  I can’t stop pinning, reading, researching and buying!  I have said that I am going to try and go a full week without buying anything related to sewing :-/

3)  Bias binding or Binding tape.  I HATE IT.  I like how it looks…on everyone else’s creations.  I just can’t get it to go right.  I have tried a few things in the past and it just doesn’t look good!  I have recently made us some sleeping masks.  One mask was finished with a top stitch, obviously I prefer this method.  I tried to finish the other one with bias tape.  The front didn’t look too bad but the back was awful!  Really, if you don’t want to see awful finishing, don’t look at the fourth picture!  I am sure that I will get it right one day!


So, what are your sewing ‘perks’?  …. and what are your sewing ‘negatives’?  It would be great to hear if anyone shares my hate for bias tape!!






19 thoughts on “For The Love of Sewing and The Hate of Bias Tape

  1. LOVE this fabric and how it matches the PJs! Did you make a pair for each of you in the end? I have yet to explore the world of bias tape, but I have ordered some interfacing for a planned top! 😯

  2. I forgot my perks! Definitely guilty pleasures include just buying supplies, mainly fabric, because it’s beautiful rather than for a specific project. Also I love having made something, knowing that a short while ago it was ‘just’ fabric and you have created a Thing! (Almost did an unfortunate typo there!).
    I like the idea of making unique handmade gifts rather than just buying stuff for the sake of it. I think it’s a lot more meaningful and special. Hopefully recipients will agree!
    Hate: re-threading the machine or bobbin. I guess my list of dislikes will grow as I become more daring with projects! I dislike that I can’t spend as much time sewing as I’d like, but hopefully going to classes will help 🙂

    1. Yes I agree with the ‘specialness’ of items, much more personal as gifts too! I can’t wait to hear how your classes go! 🙂 Only made Adam some shorts but will probably make a matching pair for me too!

  3. I don’t think I’m advanced enough in the sewing world to be proficient at finishings, so you’re a step ahead of me! bias/binding tape does seem kind of annoying, though. haha

    1. haha I’m not sure about the step ahead part! I’m just not really sure what the point of bias tape is….. I think I will stick to making a hem and topstitching! haha 🙂

  4. I never sit and do nothing. I always have hand sewing. I think sometimes I need to totally switch off, but I cannot. I am not sure if this is a good thing or bad.
    I have a bundle of fabric, binding and bits sitting in the corner waiting to become sleep masks. Yours are a good reminder to get onto it!

  5. My pet hate is self inflicted …. When I am so keen to get something done and assume my many years of experience will compensate for lack of planning! NEVER EVER works out and despite many ‘notes to self’ I still have the odd carried away moment. The result is I take the hump with myself and don’t sew for an age again…. Silly billy me!

  6. “2) It is addictive! I can’t stop pinning, reading, researching and buying! I have said that I am going to try and go a full week without buying anything related to sewing :-/”

    Yeah, right; good luck with this one, bwwahhh haaaaa.

    “3) Bias binding or Binding tape. I HATE IT. I like how it looks…on everyone else’s creations. I just can’t get it to go right. I have tried a few things in the past and it just doesn’t look good!”

    I don’t know when or why it happened but I am absolutely IN LOVE with bias tape, piping, and most kinds of edge dressing entredeaux! Keep at it my dear sewing sister. We can do this!!!



  7. My trick for trim on sleep masks is to embed piping between the two layers of the sleep mask, so it’s just peeping out. Especially velvet piping. Ooh, it’s so luxurious.

    My biggest sewing perk has been gaining the realization that making something with my hands, or producing, is what I want to do with my life rather than consuming.

    My biggest negative is that I don’t have a great sewing space yet (hunched over tiny dining room table, or tracing patterns and cutting on the only empty floor in the condo, where my legs and knees and ankles get sore). But–I’m slowly forming one in my mind, and at some point will be ready to give it an overhaul that gives me a pleasing and functional space to work.

    1. Oooh I’ve not tried piping yet but think that it will definitely be better than bias tape! I haven’t really got a sewing space at the moment either, our new apartment has a desk which I have put a couple of sets of drawers either side…..still awkward to cut patterns out!! I saw a cool post the other day where a utility cupboard had been made into a sewing space, it was amazing!! 🙂

      1. Nice! I keep pinning ideas for sewing rooms. Mine is pretty tiny so it’ll be a challenge to get a table in there. I know my table will need storage, and I want it to be tall enough for me to stand at. I could go the IKEA route (cheap, height is customizible), but then I lose the storage.

  8. Those eye masks are awesome! I’ve always hated butting bias tape on as well, especially around curves, but I found that this tutorial helped me make it neater…
    My perks are getting to wear clothes that fit me and that no one else has! Also I like pretty much the whole process, from planning and picking fabric to sewing it up and wearing it! The bit that I like the least is cutting out the fabric, but thats unavoidable unfortunately!

    1. Thanks, it all looks so simple in a tutorial :-/ I am determined to get it right though, even if it is just straight pieces for now! Totally agree with the clothes part, it makes me love items even more knowing that I’m the only one to have them!! 😀

  9. Haha. I’m also a hater of bias tape. I try to avoid using it at all costs. When I’m quilting I end up hand sewing the bias tape on, because I just can’t get it right when I do it with the sewing machine. My other pet peeve with bias tape is how much it costs. I’ve often fallen into the trap of deciding to make my own to avoid the expense, then once I’ve started making it I remember how much I hate doing it and vow to buy it next time. Only to repeat the whole shamozzle again next time!

    Your bias tape free mask looks great without it. Just go without 🙂

  10. The neatest way to use bias tape is to sew one side on using the machine and hand sew the other side on so both sides are invisible. It is quickly done with a small item like your cute eye masks but a quilt takes ages (I know, I’ve done it!):)

  11. As a vintage style enthusiast I love, love bias tape (and piping). Not sure if one really has anything to do with the other, but it seems many 40’s and 50’s styles incorporate them. Love ’em.

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