P is for Pensacola, Penny and Pelicans

On Sunday we headed to Pensacola in Florida.  I still can’t believe that Florida is only an hour away from us!  We tried to research a few activities before we went as we have a habit of going to places and wandering around aimlessly!  Adam really wanted to go on the beach and I had a found a Geocache trail that we could start!

Geocaching is another secret passion of mine.  I’m not an expert, we have only found 47….some people have found over 2000!  If you click here you will find out a bit more.  I had done Geocaching back in the UK and we had even introduced it to the kids in my class.  I had my class Geocaching on a school trip and it was even incorporated into an INSET day!  The trail I had found involved 5 different smaller trails.  If you found certain amounts of Geocaches, you got different commemorative bracelets….IF you did them all you received a special coin!  Many people think that Geocaching is a little bit sad 😦 … however, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!  There is something strangely rewarding about finding hidden tubs around the World!

On our small and unsuccessful Geocaching trip (we only found 3), we came across a Pensacola Pelican and a Pensacola Penny Butterfly!

Pensacola Pelican


We finished our day with some time on the beach with our new cooler and drinks.  Perfect Labor Day weekend 🙂

Sea view with Adam

Beach side view

Us Pensacola beach

Coleman with drinks


3 thoughts on “P is for Pensacola, Penny and Pelicans

  1. A lot of people think my knitting is sad, and they also don’t know what they are missing. These are usually people who have NO hobbies, I mean how sad is that 😛

  2. Geocaching is so cool! I have only done it once, though, with my dad. I am going to florida this month for the first time ever (Orlando, though) and you are getting me excited!

    1. It was gorgeous! We loved the beach and I’m not really a beach person! And… Florida has loads of Geocaches so you should try to get a few done 😀

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