Sunday Sevens #51

Here we are, week 51…we’ve almost made it to a full year of Sunday Sevens posts. I’ve been a busy busy bee this week, mainly with cooking & sewing. I’ve also been planning a special little something for our 1 year anniversary of Sunday Sevens NEXT WEEK!! Make sure to pop back next Sunday as I may have an exciting little post for you! :-0

In the meantime, here are 7 photographs from my week:

1. Started off the week with a chicken pasta salad. Homemade dressing too! It was lovely & was good for lunches for a couple of days too. Fussy Adam didn’t like it and only ate the chicken and pasta. Hhhhmmm!


Sunday Sevens #48

Phew! Just in time for a Sunday post, in the US anyway! Busy week + busy weekend ūüôā This week was Adams’s birthday, my Mum’s birthday and we passed our ‘1 year in the USA’ date. We still can’t believe that we have lived here for a year!

Here’s my week in pictures:

1. I bought a few more books (again!!!)… can you guess my favourite reading genre?!


Cynthia Rowley 1873

The Cynthia Rowley 1873 was one of my target makes for June.  I set up a little Facebook group for a few other bloggers who also wanted to sew this garment and it was great to sew along with them.  Sharing fabric ideas, progress and sewing tips was lovely to do and it was nice to be able to share certain things before actually writing the proper blog post.


The Tent-Like Staple Dress


With my recent success at using printed PDF patterns, I bought the April Rhodes Staple Dress pattern. ¬†I had seen this over on Camilla’s blog and loved the shape, and she had told me that it was a fairly easy make. ¬†Sounded great to me! ¬†I’ve had the dress below (sale special¬†from New Look!)¬†in my wardrobe for about 5 years and it’s still one of my favourites; the shape is just sooo comfy and flattering! ¬†I had high hopes for this one!

Vintage Pledge 2015: Number 2 -The Vintage Cross-over Dress

After making 3 dresses in a week, I was itching to make another to see if I could push myself to 4! ūüôā ¬†I looked in my pattern stash and decided to go vintage as I hadn’t done a vintage make for quite a while. ¬†I ended up choosing the one that I thought would the quickest make; the New Look Maudella 6517. ¬†This one also counts towards my vintage pledge. ¬†I can’t find the pattern anywhere online for an actual release date but from looking at other pattern covers and illustrations I think it might be late 70s/ early 80s…which is now classed as vintage isn’t it? If anyone does know when this pattern was made, please let me know!


A different type of Megan

One of my favourite garments out of the Love At First Stitch book is the Megan dress. ¬†It’s easy to make and it fits me without having to alter anything!

I made two Megans a few months ago, both from thicker fabrics though so they aren’t really suitable for the Summer weather. ¬†The first one I made was far too short as a dress so I wear it with skinny jeans. ¬†The second one is lovely but has a pucker on the zip and the skirt and bodice didn’t match up so it has an extra pleat. :-/

I had put a cotton Megan on my to make list and finally got around to making it last week. ¬†This was my third dress of the week too! ¬†When cutting the fabric, I decided that I would like a sleeveless version. ¬†I wasn’t quite sure if this would work so I made sure I had just enough fabric for sleeves just incase!

Even though I had traced & cut the Megan pattern before…I had lost it so had to re-trace & cut. ¬†This prompted me to label all my traced patterns and put all of them in a place where I know they are. ¬†During the tracing process, I also realised that I had traced one of the darts too narrow last time – I had followed the wrong line! ¬†This would have been why the skirt and bodice didn’t match! ¬†It was an ‘ah-haaa!’ moment!