Vintage Pledge 2015: Number 2 -The Vintage Cross-over Dress

After making 3 dresses in a week, I was itching to make another to see if I could push myself to 4! 🙂  I looked in my pattern stash and decided to go vintage as I hadn’t done a vintage make for quite a while.  I ended up choosing the one that I thought would the quickest make; the New Look Maudella 6517.  This one also counts towards my vintage pledge.  I can’t find the pattern anywhere online for an actual release date but from looking at other pattern covers and illustrations I think it might be late 70s/ early 80s…which is now classed as vintage isn’t it? If anyone does know when this pattern was made, please let me know!


This pattern was gifted to me from Adam’s Mum.  I’ve never really been a fan of bandeau type dresses so I chose to make view 1, with the cross-over straps.  It had already been cut out to a size 12 and according to the pattern sizing chart, that would be 4 inches too small everywhere!  I decided to take the risk anyway as I have made a couple of older size 12s and they have been fine.  With the dress being backless and elasticated, I figured that if it was too small I could alter the elastic and button positions.

New Look Maudella 6517

The skirt was constructed from 4 panels.  The front is gathered to match the bodice and the back is gathered with elastic. The bodice is made from 2 identical pieces; one forms the outer piece (on show) and the other forms the lining.  In future, I could possibly use another fabric for the lining to add a bit of extra detail.



The whole thing came together in a couple of hours, which I didn’t think was bad at all to say this was lined, gathered, has elastic & buttons! The only adjustment that I needed to make was the length.  I ended up taking 5 inches off, taking it just to the knee. 🙂  The cotton was a cheap buy at $1.60 per yard and it really feels light and perfect for the Summer!  I’m slightly daunted at the fact that I can’t wear a bra with this dress…but I don’t think It will matter too much…it’s not very cold in Alabama!! It was a perfect cozy cover up though for the beach! 🙂

New Look Maudella 6517

New Look Maudella 6517

12 thoughts on “Vintage Pledge 2015: Number 2 -The Vintage Cross-over Dress

  1. wow, 4 dresses in a week, I am very impressed!! I love this vintage one and I can’t believe you got this fabric so cheaply, it is very cute. That beach looks so beautiful, here in Scotland we have not had a summer at all and I am missing the sun terribly, in fact yesterday I still have to wear a scarf to keep warm!

    1. Thank you! I think it is one of my favourite makes up to now 🙂 I will try to send some sunny vibes your way…it’s way too warm here, it’s so hard to work out what to wear!!

  2. That dress is so cute and works beautifully as a beach cover up. I am guessing it may be a 70’s pattern but, I am not sure. Where did you find that great bargain on fabric? And I am quite impressed with your accomplishment of completing 4 dresses in one week. Excuse me while I slip off to my sewing room…I have some work to do!

    1. Thank you 🙂 The fabric was on a $2 sale rack at Joann’s, they had quite a few great patterns so I took advantage of it! Good luck with your sewing!

  3. Definitely not a Seventies pattern – more like mid-Eighties going by what I was wearing at the time. In fact, I may even have made this actual pattern back then! Very impressed with your output this last week, by the way, you’ve obviously got far too much time on your hands, lol:)

    1. Thanks for the confirmation – I find it strange that I can’t find anything online about it…maybe it wasn’t very popular! I will admit to having too much time on my hands…I don’t mind for the moment though 😀

  4. Love how well this dress has turned out, considering it’s a vintage pattern and you weren’t sure about the sizing, it looks like it fits perfectly. Definitely agree you were right to alter the length, I think above the knee is just right. A beautiful summer make – will you make another or try a different view?

    1. Thanks 🙂 I think I will definitely make another one of this view as it is nice to wear in the heat! Still not sure about the other view?! I might try it if I spot some super cheap fabric 🙂

  5. Wow, four dresses in a week! Very inspiring. Also love that you got your fabric so cheaply. My local fabric boutique is just that – ’boutique’, so everything is around $20/m or more. Not ideal for bulk sewing! Congrats on making the one size fit you so well. It looks perfect.

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