A different type of Megan

One of my favourite garments out of the Love At First Stitch book is the Megan dress.  It’s easy to make and it fits me without having to alter anything!

I made two Megans a few months ago, both from thicker fabrics though so they aren’t really suitable for the Summer weather.  The first one I made was far too short as a dress so I wear it with skinny jeans.  The second one is lovely but has a pucker on the zip and the skirt and bodice didn’t match up so it has an extra pleat. :-/

I had put a cotton Megan on my to make list and finally got around to making it last week.  This was my third dress of the week too!  When cutting the fabric, I decided that I would like a sleeveless version.  I wasn’t quite sure if this would work so I made sure I had just enough fabric for sleeves just incase!

Even though I had traced & cut the Megan pattern before…I had lost it so had to re-trace & cut.  This prompted me to label all my traced patterns and put all of them in a place where I know they are.  During the tracing process, I also realised that I had traced one of the darts too narrow last time – I had followed the wrong line!  This would have been why the skirt and bodice didn’t match!  It was an ‘ah-haaa!’ moment!

Megan Dress

The dress was a dream to sew…I much prefer sewing cotton to ANY other fabric!  I tried the dress on and decided to go ahead with the sleeveless version.  I used some pale pink bias binding from my stash to bind the armholes.  I’m much happier with the zip insertion in this dress; no puckers at all but I couldn’t quite get the teeth to the neckline…I might add a button just to make it look a little better. 🙂  I love this dress and have added this to my ‘staple’ makes as I’m so happy with how it fits.  I just need to use a longer zip next time (I didn’t learn from the Lilou!) because this is extremely tricky to get over my bust!!

On a different note, the above photo was the only decent one from around 50!  I ended up losing my patience with Adam, who then told me why he can’t take decent photographs, especially indoors…he can’t see when I’m that close!!!  He needs bifocals but won’t order his new prescription because he doesn’t want them!! Gggrrr! 



14 thoughts on “A different type of Megan

    1. Thank you Beth! I really like using bias binding now, just not to bind quilts! I have about 30m of the stuff too so I think it may be used more too 😊

  1. Lovely dress and the fabric has a vintage feel to it that really suits you. Poor Adam though – I gave up asking anyone and now have to resort to selfies which are not much better!

  2. Ooh look how beautiful and near the bias tape looks! Very professional! Was it a pain to sew or not? Another lovely Megan that makes me want to have a go at improving on my first one.

  3. This looks great! Those armholes are amazing, you did such a good job. Maybe the top of the zip just needs a hook and eye?

    1. Thanks Linda! My current tripod is way too small so it looks like a child has taken the picture – I think I may end up investing in a taller one! Ha!

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