The First Dress

The time had come to make something that was a little more complicated.  I had picked up 2 old patterns a couple of weeks ago but was a bit hesitant to use them as I have never used a ‘proper’ pattern before.  I have cut around items, used simple printed patterns from the internet and freestyled a bit.  I decided to go for the Butterick 3664.  I wasn’t really sure how to find the year the pattern was made, but it was bought in an antique store so that makes it old right?


I discovered that I had actually bought the wrong size, so when I cut the pattern pieces I added an extra inch to the width.  Cutting the pattern was quite easy as it was already measured to size and I just needed to add my extras.  The instructions were ok too.  Quite straight forward until it came to including interfacing.  I didn’t understand this section so I stuck to using facings of the same fabric.  This was a method that I had used before.  An invisible zipper was included as a fastening within the dress; this was new to me but seemed to be very similar to other zippers that I had used.



The instructions also called for topstitching, buttons and buttonholes.  I loved sewing the buttons and buttonholes as my new machine does a lot of the process for you.  I know, it’s kind of cheating but it is way quicker!!



I also used double hemming along the front of the skirt but wish I had done some sort of overcasting on the inner seams.



I am quite pleased with the finished product.  I ended up doing a little bit of altering on the bodice and took off the original inch that I had added.  I definitely needed to keep the extra inches on the hips though!  The dress looks much better with a belt so I need to make something that co-ordinates better than my brown one.  The pattern does actually give a template for a belt but I didn’t have enough of the same fabric to make one.  There is also 2 bodice options;short and long.  I used the longer one this time but I think the shorter one would suit my shape better, so I will use the shorter one next time!  Overall, I am pleased with the dress and would happily wear it out!  Woohoo…on to the next one now!







Close up collage



14 thoughts on “The First Dress

  1. I’m smiling:) it’s so nice to read another blogger is on this adventure of sewing. I look forward to reading more….

    1. Thanks….. I think it is so tricky to know whether I’m doing things right (or wrong)! It’s nice to know that there are other people on a little adventure too 🙂

      1. I think you did a great job for your first dress… I wouldn’t known if you hadn’t mentioned it but thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Thats really cute, love your fabric! Zips and buttonholes scared the hell out of me when I started sewing (and buttonholes still kinda do…) but theres some really good tutorials out there, thankfully!

    1. Yes they are all things that are scary and they can be different every time! My new sewing machine has a full buttonhole setting where you put the put-on in the foot and it measures it too! I am still amazed! haha!

  3. Wow! I am so impressed! It looks great and the fabric is really pretty 🙂 Your post reminded me how much I still have to learn as interfacing etc is still a mystery to me. Well done, what’s next?! xx

    1. Thanks! This is the bargain fabric that I got half price! I’ve got a few ideas lined up but I think I might try the other pattern that I bought :-/ xx

  4. You look fantastic! You did a great job. The addition of the belt really adds to it as well actually, nicely breaks the pattern up. I don’t yet have a sewing machine but am eager to get one and try things like this out!

    1. Thanks! I went back to the antique store yesterday and bought 6 more patterns! Made another dress today so will blog about it tomorrow I think 🙂 #vintagepledge

  5. amazing! I’m so glad you commented on my blog because discovering yours has been a real treat! looking forward to following along with your sewing adventures 🙂

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