Instanatural Product Review #1


I was recently given the opportunity to review 3 products from Instanatural.  As with make-up, I tend to go in and out of different phases with skincare products; sometimes I don’t use any, sometimes I try and use everything available and sometimes it can be a mixture.  For the last few months, I have only been using make-up wipes to clean my face before I get into bed.  I can hear you all telling me off now….I know what I should use, I just don’t because it’s quicker to use a make-up wipe!

Anyway, when I received these products, I promised myself that I would make an effort to have more of a skin care routine.  I was promising myself quite a lot here, as I know from previous experience that having a good routine takes time.

I would describe my skin as normal; it’s not too dry and it’s not too greasy.  I get the occasional small spot but nothing that bothers me too much.  After doing quite a lot of sunbathing over the Summer, I have noticed that my skin is a little dryer than normal.  This could also be because of the air conditioning!!??

All three products shown in the picture are now a part of my daily skincare routine.  It doesn’t take too much longer to use these, probably 10 minutes max… I have been missing out!  Here is my low down:

The Instanatural Youth Express Eye Serum is an eye gel that decreases puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles.  I am always a little skeptical of putting cream near my eyes as all the ones that I have ever used have been too heavy and they just felt odd.  However, despite this being a gel, which appears to be quite thick when pumped out, it feels light and fresh when applied.  You can use it all over your face but I am just using it around my eyes for now.  I love the cucumber smell and love the fact that this dries quite quickly.  I saw that some people had commented that the product flakes when make up is applied but I haven’t had that trouble at all.  You can find this product on Amazon here.

The Instanatural Hyaluronic Acid Serum completely amazed me!  I must admit that I was a little apprehensive using this as it has the word ‘acid’ in the name and comes with a pipette, which just reminds me of science lessons back at school!  After a little research, my mind was put to rest and the only side effect I could find was allergic reactions.  That is the same for any skincare product though so I wasn’t worried!  I used a ‘bean’ sized amount for my face and found that was enough for an even distribution.  The serum just feels like rubbing water around your face.  Again, it has a lovely fresh feel to it and dries almost instantly.  Quick drying is great if you are in a rush to apply make-up.  The Amazon link is here.



The final product up for review today is the Instanatural Vitamin C Facial Toner.  I don’t know if anyone else is like me, but I always feel bad after using a toner when I haven’t used one for a while!  This toner removed so much more make-up from my face, after I had used a wipe and washed with a cleanser :-/  I almost posted a picture of my cotton wool pads but then realised that would be too gross for the blog!  Instanatural recommend that you spray this onto your face and remove with a cotton wool pad.  I did this a couple of times, but I am not coordinated enough and kept spraying everywhere else instead of my face!  Now I spray it onto the cotton wool pad and find that it works better for me that way.  I have also used this a couple of times from the fridge…soooo refreshing.  The witch hazel and aloe vera smells delicious too 🙂  Find this on Amazon here.

Have you ever used any of these products?  Let me know what you thought!

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