Our Little Christmas

This year our Christmas will be like no other.  For the first time in 26 years, I won’t be having Christmas in the UK.  Our parents and my brother are coming to visit us for 3 weeks and we are having Christmas in our little apartment.  Yes, that is 7 of us in our 1 bed apartment for Christmas dinner.  We only have 2 bar stools but have managed to borrow a table to seat 6, so one of us will have to perch on a corner!

Over the years we have collected decorations that are special to us.  However, we didn’t bring anything Christmassy over to the US with us.  We managed to get a bargain of a Christmas tree from Target; a pre-lit 6ft tree for $15.  We also bought a packet of plain baubles as I am a little against glitter (it just gets everywhere!) and some candy canes.  When we first arrived in the US, we had a trip to New Orleans and we bought 2 metal skull decorations from a quaint little store.  These were added to our little for their first Christmas.

skulls on xmas tree

I talked about an advent calendar swap that I am involved in here.  Up to now, I have had some great decorations which have been hand made.  One using buttons and another using beads.

button decoration

bead decoration

I also had a birthday package from my Mum & Dad this week.  It had lots of fantastic birthday goodies in, including these little knitted stockings and Cadbury’s advent calendars for us both!  They also sent a big tube of Smarties and a bar of Dairymilk chocolate.  My Mum said that they were to last me over Christmas… I have got to be honest… the Smarties are gone and I’m half way through the chocolate! 😀

knitted stockings

advent calendar

We do normally go quite mad at Christmas with presents to open, but this year we are aware that whatever we get for our parents and my brother, needs to be suitable and small enough to be taken back to the UK.  Obviously, I am not going to reveal presents on the blog yet but I did spend a couple of days making us all a Christmas Stocking.




8 thoughts on “Our Little Christmas

  1. What lovely handmade decs on your lovely tree, wishing you and your family a fab Christmas lots luv xx

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