Sunday Sevens #14

Another hectic week with one thing and another, though I’m pretty sure that this time of year is busy for everyone! My Sunday Sevens aren’t designated to each day this week – they are just collection of things I wanted to share!

1. I won this in a giveaway! Very useful of course!

Sunday sevens #14

2. Winnie sent me a birthday card 🙂

Sunday sevens #14

3. I got a cast iron frying pan for wax melts. Our apartment smells like Christmas 🙂

Sunday sevens #14

4. Our borrowed dining table arrived… to seat 7 of us over Christmas!

Sunday sevens #14

5. One of my advent gifts this week was this book, how cool!

Sunday sevens #14

6. I finished season 9 of Bones… what am I going to watch now?

Sunday sevens #14

7. Received some lovely Kawaii memo sheets in a swap.

Sunday sevens #14


Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog series where you post 7 photos from your week. Sometimes things happen in our lives that aren’t worth a full blog post but are worth sharing, so here is the blog series to do just that! Just write your own blog post and use the #sundaysevens tag. The Pinterest board is here…. feel free to share it! Grab the picture below for your blog and link it back to me 🙂

240 x 240

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