Scrapbooking Attempt 1

scrapbok part 1

The thought of me losing all my digital photographs fills me with dread.  It happened when we moved house.  I lost the hard drive where I stored all of our holiday photos.  I turned our house and the garage upside down and then blamed my Adam & my Mum for putting it somewhere and losing it.  It was upsetting but not as bad as it could have been as luckily, I had uploaded a lot of photos onto private albums on Facebook.  Interestingly enough, when my Mum was packing our house contents to be shipped to us…she found it!  I apologised to everyone.

A few years ago, I printed all of our motocross weekend photos and put them into albums.  Plain boring albums.  They went into a cupboard and haven’t been looked at since.  Photos are taken to be shared, to remind us of previous events, whether those are holidays, meals, parties or weekends away.  I have been reading the scrapbooking blogs from A Beautiful Mess.  They are just lush!  I love how their memories are captured and shared creatively.

I decided to give it a try with the photos Adam and I have taken up to now while we have been in Alabama.  It took quite some time to gather our photographs from numerous social media sites and create a plan for the scrapbook.  I made a plan because the page protectors that I bought could display photographs in different sizes.

1 photo 4″ x 4″
2 photos 2″ x 4″
4 photos 2″ x 2″

I bought the page protectors from Joann’s because I had a total discount coupon and scrapbooking supplies were already on 50% off anyway.  I bought a simple small album too but didn’t buy any paper/stickers as I already had loads at home.


Once all the photographs had been resized and printed, I cut them out and started to insert them into the album.  I then decided to make sure each photo had some sort of background so I had to take them all out again to resize and stick to a background.  I’m not sure that my book is really a scrapbook, maybe more of a photo book as I haven’t done many pages where there aren’t any photographs.  I haven’t done much writing in it either.  I have stamped some images, written a few odd words and stickered some photographs.  I still need to print a photo for the front cover but up to now I’m really pleased with how it has turned out.

Next time, I think I will try to do more pages or sections that don’t have photographs to make it look more creative maybe?!  I like the ones on the Beautiful Mess site so I think I’m going to have a good scout through their images to see if I can adapt them to suit me.

13 thoughts on “Scrapbooking Attempt 1

  1. Finding pics on the computer, in different folders, multiple copies, click click click, then the printing?! So exhausting! My hat’s off to you 😉

  2. I like that you printed different sized photos, it’s really attractive. I always print photos because I’m old fashioned haha, they’re just nice to look at and a great back up, but I do only do 6×4″ in normal albums!

    1. I’ve done 6 x 4 normal albums before too! I was quite surprised at the selection of pages available for scrapbooks – I really like how the different sized photos work together! They did take ages to trim though :-0

    1. That sounds like a great idea 🙂 I’m pleased that I’ve inspired you… you should definitely share them on your blog if you get chance!

  3. I’ve had all mine printed into photo books since H was born. They hardly take up any space and I wait til they’re on special offer. Not as cute as yours tho! 😀

    1. It’s such a nice way to display photos isn’t it? I love going through albums with my parents… I’m not sure what the next generation will of if we don’t print them all :-0

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