Sunday Sevens #46

We’ve had a good little week in our corner of the world 🙂 The sale of our house in the UK finally went through so it really has felt like a huge weight has been lifted! Adam ended up having a day off work mid week, which was lovely but really seemed to knock my days about. Anyway, here are my 7 photographs!

1. After a training session last Saturday, we are going back to crate training with Maisy to help with toilet training and separation issues. We are trying to get her to feel comfy in her crate so we are putting her in for her daytime naps. It’s hard because she cries but she has already been so much better in the house and we have left her alone for a few hours without her destroying anything or making a mess! I feel like training is going in the right direction. 🙂


Sunday Sevens #36

Yey! Back to posting on a Sunday! Well, technically it is Sunday in the US but Monday in the UK 🙂

I feel like I have really got into the swing of things this week and have been quite productive!

1. They are replacing a lot of the roofing at the apartments and the building work puts Maisy off walking. She lays down every time we pass a large vehicle or a skip! Fun!


Scrapbooking Attempt 1

scrapbok part 1

The thought of me losing all my digital photographs fills me with dread.  It happened when we moved house.  I lost the hard drive where I stored all of our holiday photos.  I turned our house and the garage upside down and then blamed my Adam & my Mum for putting it somewhere and losing it.  It was upsetting but not as bad as it could have been as luckily, I had uploaded a lot of photos onto private albums on Facebook.  Interestingly enough, when my Mum was packing our house contents to be shipped to us…she found it!  I apologised to everyone.