Sunday Sevens #46

We’ve had a good little week in our corner of the world πŸ™‚ The sale of our house in the UK finally went through so it really has felt like a huge weight has been lifted! Adam ended up having a day off work mid week, which was lovely but really seemed to knock my days about. Anyway, here are my 7 photographs!

1. After a training session last Saturday, we are going back to crate training with Maisy to help with toilet training and separation issues. We are trying to get her to feel comfy in her crate so we are putting her in for her daytime naps. It’s hard because she cries but she has already been so much better in the house and we have left her alone for a few hours without her destroying anything or making a mess! I feel like training is going in the right direction. πŸ™‚

image2. We couldn’t resist these mugs πŸ™‚


3. I started a small quilted piece of fabric for a little project.


4. Adam had the day off work so we could get some ‘admin’ jobs done, which ended up being unsucessful! In the afternoon, we headed to our local antique mall for a wander around. I picked up a birthday card for my mum and a book that was on my reading list. I LOVE walking around antique malls & stores – so many hidden treasures!


5. A couple of pouches made for a swap I’ve joined over on the IGGPPC site. It’s primarily a penpal site, where you are paired with people who have similar interests (great for if you have a particular fandom!). They also run a variety of swaps and a virtual summer camp which is coming up soon, complete with movie watch-alongs, bake-alongs + craft activities!


6. A trip to another antique mall meant a few more books! 3 of these are new books and were only $3! I think they might be seconds or old editions though. Have you read any of these? I don’t know which to read first!


7. Sandwiches made by Adam. I gave him 10/10 for presentation!


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18 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #46

  1. Hi Natalie, I like your selection of books. I read ‘A Painted House’ a few years ago. Very good book. I’m surprised we have so much in common. Antique shops, books, quilting and a thoughtful husband! Hope you have a wonderful week.

  2. Congratulations on selling your house! I know that’s been a LLOOONNGG process, so I’m sure finally getting it done is a big relief. I’m glad you’re feeling like you’re making progress with Maisy’s training, too–that can be pretty stressful as well.

    Nice job on the sandwich presentation, Adam, but you might add some color to the plate–maybe barbecue chips next time? (For some reason, the lesson about not having everything the same color on your plate is one of the few lessons that’s still engraved on my brain 30+ years after high school Home Economics.)

    1. Thank you, it is such a relief that we no linger have to think about it. I’m definitely going to pass on the colourful plate advise to Adam πŸ™‚ Ha!

  3. Antique malls look great! I bet you could spend hours in there without even realising! Looking forward to seeing what you make with the quilted fabric. Sounds like Maisy’s training is paying off already πŸ™‚

    1. They are great – you & Barry would love them! There are quite a few near us too, though I’ve not found any sewing related items for quite a while! So pleased with how everything is going with Maisy; can’t believe it makes that much of a difference to be honest πŸ™‚

  4. Not sure if the link to your site worked this time – I’m mobile this week. I love antique shops too, there’s a great one not far from us. The quilting looks excellent so far. Congrats on your house sale!

  5. Gosh, congratulations on selling the house! I bet that must feel fantastic πŸ™‚ Love antique shopping too. Another nice week for you!

  6. What a nice week you’ve had! Antique shops are not good for me…..I see so many wonderful things, and am trying to declutter and simplify, so I must stay away. 😦
    Little Maisy looks like such a sweetie.

  7. Yes they aren’t that great if you’re trying not to buy things! We always find that we could spend a fortune but really have to limit ourselves! Daisy is very sweet…but also very mischievous too!

  8. I think you’re doing the right thing with Maisy even though it’ll be hard for you at first. Dogs I think must be like kids and are better with boundaries. My sisters dogs love their crate now and go their for peace and quiet! Congratulations on the sale going through! πŸ™‚

    1. To be honest, I can’t actually believe how much better she has been with a few boundaries! We’ve been out quite a few times this week and she has been fine AND she hasn’t had any accidents in the house! Woohoo! So relieved about the sale of the house – thank you!

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