Sunday Sevens #39

Time for Sunday Sevens again! 🙂

1. I completed this dress, which will be blogged about today and will be my entry for the TMS dress week.


2. Ironing was put on hold for a few hours as something crawled into the basket for a nap! I couldn’t possibly disturb her!


3. We made a chocolate marble ring cake. Very yummy!


4. We went to a burger place that is becoming our favourite place to eat. Mostly outdoors, live music & very rustic; we’ve been told that the owner built the place himself with bits of gates & doors etc! It’s very rustic!


5. I finished another dress (I actually made 3 dresses this week!) so here’s a sneak peek at one of them!


6. I decided on my next make! I’m hoping it will fit as it’s already cut to a vintage 12, which would be too small for me based on the pattern sizing chart but I’m going to risk it as it has an elasticated skirt!


7. We went into Downtown Mobile and had lunch out with Maisy! She was very well behaved until another dog owner came who was very smug that his dog was extremely well behaved…I had to hold my tongue in as he kept looking at Maisy in disgust because she wanted to play with his dog. Hhhmmmpph!  I’m sure that his dog was once a playful yapping puppy once!


sunday sevens new logo

If you are here for the first time… I’m going to give you the low down on the Sunday Sevens blog series.  Each week, we do things that don’t necessarily warrant a full blog post.  You may have made a nice meal, grabbed some bargains on a shopping trip, had a family day out, spotted some beautiful scenery or just done something you feel you want to share.  A Sunday Sevens blog post is the place to share those things.  You take 7 images from your week and post them every Sunday with a small description.  Tag your post using #sundaysevens on your blog and social media.  I also pin the posts onto the Sunday Sevens Pinterest Board.

7 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #39

    1. Yes!! I couldn’t quite believe it either! I think the tracing & cutting is the part that puts me off making things, and that part was already out of the way 🙂

  1. 3 dresses! You’re getting quite the summer wardrobe going these days. I LOVE that sundress pattern–that’s going to be so cute!

  2. I am in awe of all of your makes this week! Now looking forward to seeing your vintage pattern come together. Your cake looked delicious, how did you make the frosting? Maisy is a little sweetheart as always 💕

  3. The marble ring….I’m drooling! And 3 dresses! Busy lady, no wonder you’re dining out, you’ve can’t wait time cooking dinner 🍴 and again a too cute dog!

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