Moving Moving Moving …

We have been in our new apartment for three weeks now.  For just over half of that time we were sleeping on an air bed and sitting on beach chairs.  A little over a week ago our container arrived from the UK.  I am now sitting on MY sofa, drinking out of MY mugs and reading MY books. 😀

We left Sheffield last August to come to Mobile for what we thought would be a year.  We had packed our 2 suitcases full of what we thought we need (mainly clothes!) as we knew that we were heading to a fully furnished apartment.  The apartment we were placed in was lovely!  It was in a newly built complex and quite modern.  The square footage was actually almost as big as our house in the UK! We were (& still are) very grateful to have a furnished apartment but it didn’t feel right as none of it was ours and it was decorated how we would have done it.

When Adam accepted a permanent job out here, we were given the opportunity to have our belongings shipped from the UK to us here in US.  We also knew that we had around 6 months, until June, to get some unfurnished accommodation sorted.  We enquired at the end of March as to when we needed to give our notice if we were to move out…we were then told that our move out date had already been confirmed as May 9th!  I think some wires had been crossed as we weren’t aware of this or if Adam had been told, he had forgotten to tell me! So we had just over a month to find somewhere new to live.  At first, this panicked me slightly but then I came around to thinking that this could work better for us as our container was due to dock mid-April. If we could find somewhere before it docked, we could have it delivered to our new home rather than having to put it into storage for us then to move it all again a couple of weeks later.

We found our new apartment complex on the other side of the Mobile Bay in a small town called Daphne.  We bought a few basics to keep us going: an air bed, 2 plates, cutlery & a cheap set of pans. We had also decided on a 3 bedroom apartment so that we could accommodate friends & family that want to visit us.


Our container arrived and everything was unloaded.  The packing company brought each box into the apartment, asked where I wanted it to go, asked if I wanted it unpacking and took the remaining boxes over to our garage.  They were great!  There were 130 boxes in total and the crate containing Adam’s bike.  We were upside down for a few days but it soon got organised.  I enjoyed looking through all of our belongings and deciding whether or not we needed it in our new apartment.  It made me laugh that everything was clearly labelled…even a single spoon! Some items like books, glassware, & paperwork went back to the garage to be stored.  I’m now feeling very content knowing that we have all of our belongings with us.  Yes, things like our bed and sofa are great to have but actually I was more excited to unpack more sentimental items from our travels  & family life.






I now only have my sewing stuff & decor to sort but I feel like we are getting there,and we both feel a lot more settled. I’m pleased that everything is here and Adam is pleased to have his motocross bike.  We can quite happily say that we won’t be moving again for a short while…well for another year or so anyway!

8 thoughts on “Moving Moving Moving …

  1. Wow, that’s a major life decision – will you be there for good? Your apartment is already beginning to look homely with the addition of your things.

    1. We think so! We are applying for green cards but that process can take up to 2 years! It’s a big decision but we had already said that we should move to the USA when we retire, so it’s just come around 40 years early! Ha!

  2. Aw, we were nearly neighbours before you upped sticks! Sounds like you’ve got everything organised and are going to have a lovely life there! Enjoy! It’s miserable and windy in Yorkshire today! 😀

    1. Yes I know, hence why I am jealous of the Yorkshire Spoolettes!! Ha! I’ve almost finished with the sewing organisation too 🙂 I will send some sun your way!

  3. I think I speak for all of us Americans when I say we’re very glad to have you here and thank you for bringing a little sorely-needed class to the joint (also, sorry about the mess that is our immigration system). 😉 Congrats on the permanent position and getting settled into your new place!

    1. Thanks 🙂 we already love it here and have settled in without any problems! Immigration stuff has definitely improved my patience to say the least…we have to remember that it should hopefully lead to a better life for us so we don’t mind waiting a little! 🙂

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