Goals: August 2015

Sooooo…it may be over half way through August but I still wanted to update my July goals and talk about a couple for August even though there’s only 11 days left!

Woohoo!  I managed to bake a Victoria sponge – a full cake though not cupcakes – it was gorgeous but I didn’t get a picture. 😦

Poor little Westie cross-stitch hasn’t got any fluffier – I will get it done one day! Honest!

I managed to get all 3 of the below done…even if they did overlap into August.  I didn’t get round to even tracing the pattern for the pedal pushers so I think I’m now going to push them to September.


All four dresses were blogged about, with better photographs.

Most Graphic Novels were read so I’m just finishing 2 off this month.  I did try to get into Game Of Thrones but it didn’t hook me at all so I gave up a few chapters in.  I do want to read it so will try again another time.

My organisation has only just really got organised so I can’t really class it as achieved in July but it has already improved in August!.

So goals for August…or what’s left of it anyway!

  1. Buy a planner (done) and use it to be more organised with food, exercise and blogging.


2.  I’m perfecting the Bonnell dress so I’m currently working on my second wearable muslin.  I’ve already done one but need get it spot on for a special little project!


I also need to make matching pillowcases for the 2 quilts I bought as neither of them came with any…even though I though they did! Hhhmmph! I haven’t got any that remotely match at the moment.


Another wrap dress NEEDS to be made! My first will be blogged about next week.

3.  Finish GNs Wasteland & V for Vendetta and finish The Other Life.


4.  Make more of an effort with cooking – trying new recipes and trying to be healthier. 🙂

Keep a look out for the review post in September…it won’t be long!

11 thoughts on “Goals: August 2015

  1. Phew! That’s a lot of goals, I am impressed! My sewing goals had to be cut back since June, hoping to pick up once again come September, I am very envious. I am looking forward to seeing your wrap dress also. 😊

  2. I stuck at it with GoT but it took ages to get into (3rd book maybe?!) and I’m still not convinced… My neighbour has just got me into the Temeraire series – Napoleonic wars with dragons! What’s not to love?!!!
    Looking forward to seeing your Bonnell and wrap dresses!

    1. Glad I’m not the only one with GoT! I enjoyed the series so much so I am a little disappointed that I’m not enjoying the books as much 😦 I’ll check the Temeraire series out – it sounds good!

    1. Thank you – I do think that they make me much more productive. I’m even more determined during the next months if I don’t get certain things done. 🙂

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