Sunday Sevens #93 – Another Catch Up!

Time for another Sunday Sevens catch up! Every Sunday I’ve almost sat down to blog again but just not quite got there. Well, today is the day! It’s raining (again!) outside so it’s the perfect time for me to get writing. 🙂

1. We are officially in hurricane season here in Alabama, which means we are getting a lot of rain at the moment and a few thunderstorms. Thankfully, we haven’t had anything major come through our area. We had some big rumbles of thunder during one storm. They shook our walls and one of pictures fell off the wall! Buzz was the first to investigate.


2. The rain brings out the insects and we are finding a few pesky spiders; mainly brown widows but we’ve also had a few black widow spiders!


3. A few of our shrubs have died so we need to do some rearranging. Our plan is to have 2 matching plants in front of the columns, and the possibly a lime tree centered to the left. I’ll update you once we’re done!



4. To celebrate the 4th of July weekend, we were lucky enough to be invited to our friends’ family boathouse. We still can’t get over how hospitable & welcoming people are over here. We had a great day & ate a lot of great food.


5. We’ve had a pallet of grass in our backyard for a couple of weeks while we figured out where to take what we didn’t use. In that time, Maisy made herself Queen of the Castle. She wouldn’t even let Buzz on there!

6/7. The other reason I’ve been a little quiet on the blog is because I’m pregnant! I’m just over half way through now so my bump is starting to show. During our trip to the UK in May, we got to tell our family & friends in person which was really lovely. We did an announcement photograph and we included the pups of course! We are still amazed at our most recent scan where she actually looks like a baby rather than a bean/turtle!


To end the blog, I’m going to leave links to my Twitter and Instagram.  I’m over on Instagram the most so head on over if you haven’t already.  Also, I’m only running one Twitter account now for everything, before I had a separate blog Twitter.  The @threads_bobbins one is the only one I’m on now!

Please let me know if you’ve started doing Sunday Sevens posts recently too!  I’ve tried to keep up with following most of you, but let me know if I haven’t yet 🙂

Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog series that YOU can join in with at any time!  You can do a post every week or just when you fancy 🙂  Display 7 photographs from your week; just to let your readers know what else you get up to between those bigger blog posts.  There’s even an image to grab for your sidebar!

sunday sevens new logo

Use the #sundaysevens tag and take a look at the Pinterest board containing all the posts.  Please let me know if I’ve not posted your blog on there or if you have started posting Sunday Sevens blogs …sometimes I don’t get notified of the ping backs to my page!

19 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #93 – Another Catch Up!

  1. Congratulations to you both. I am so very excited for you! Your life has been full of so many changes since I have been following your blog but…..hold on to your hat. ‘Cause nothing compares to being a parent!

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