Review: Hello Fresh

During my first trimester I lacked a lot of motivation to do anything when I got home from work.  I didn’t have any sickness at all but had a lot of dizzy spells and felt exhausted.  When I would get home from work, I would spend the night on the sofa.  I did a lot of ‘planning’ for our evening meals but they never came to fruition!  We decided to give a meal delivery service a try; something that would be easy for us to make with minimal effort.


We had a lot of options to choose from but we decided to go with Hello Fresh as we had the $35 discount code.  This meant our first box would only be $25 for 3 meals.  An excellent starting price.  We were very impressed from the moment we were choosing our meals online.  They give you 8 meal options each week.  You can opt for the company to choose your meals or you can edit your box and choose what you would like.  With Adam only eating certain food, we chose our own meals!  We picked our delivery date and were excited for our box to arrive.


Everything was packaged very well.  Even though the box was on our porch for a couple of hours, everything was still cool & fresh when we opened it.  The box was lined with dry ice packs.  Our menu cards were in the top of the box.  The three separate meal bags were next, and then the meat was separated at the bottom of the box…still cold!


All the meals were so easy to prepare and they gave us some needed variety in our meals.  Within each meal bag, we got the fresh produce needed and the other herbs, spices & condiments.  We really enjoyed making these together and none of our meals required us to cook for any longer than 45 minutes so they were nice & easy to do when we got home from work.


Adam even prepared a couple of the meals himself and just had Maisy at his feet to help. 🙂 Here are a few of the meals we have tried out.

UntitledShawarma spiced pork with couscous & peas

UntitledChicken pineapple quesadillas with pico de gallo & southwest spices

UntitledMelty monterey jack burger with red onion jam & zucchini fries


Cherry drizzled pork chops & couscous salad

The Hello Fresh customer service was quite good too. We had bad kale & spinach once, and through a quick email exchange with the company they credited me some $ back for the inconvenience.
Now that I’m feeling much better, we’ve reduced our subscription down monthly as it’s still nice to have something ready in the fridge to prepare quickly. We are also still re-using the menu cards we were sent as they are so easy to follow!

Again, this isn’t a sponsored post…I just wanted to share my experience if anyone else is interested!  Here’s a discount link too so you can save $35 on your first box! 😀 

5 thoughts on “Review: Hello Fresh

    1. Hello! Yes thank you, luckily we are further east than where all the problems are. I think we may get some rain though over the next week ☔️

  1. What a good idea whilst you were going through the tiring phase. Don’t get too used to it though, as I suspect it costs a LOT more than doing it yourself!

    1. Yes, it’s definitely handy when needed but we’ve already cut our subscription down due to the cost! I like having it an option for if I know we have a busy week…or something easy to do when baby arrives. 🙂

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