Review: The Time Garden by Daria Song

Aaaaaaahhh adult colouring books.  All of a sudden it’s cool to be colouring in these books.  As a teacher and crafty person, I’ve always loved crayons, colouring and drawing.  I’m actually quite pleased that more people are embracing their creativity.  I was intrigued to try one out so I requested The Time Garden by Daria Song from Blogging For Books to review.


Review: What You Left Behind by Samantha Hayes


This book by Samantha Hayes and is my most recent pick from Blogging For Books.  What You Left Behnd is a crime thriller book, which is one of my favourite genres.  I have had the book for a while now and I must admit that it took me a good few chapters to get interested in the storyline.  But, once I was hooked, I could not put it down and read the rest of the book quickly!

Sketch by France Belleville-Van Stone


I’ve never really been able to draw.  I can copy images quite well if they are in front of me but my freestyle drawing is quite honestly pants!  Proportion is my biggest problem.  People will have one leg bigger than the other, animals won’t have the right sized bodies and buildings are always a little bit on the wonky side.  However, I do really enjoy drawing.  I’ve always wanted to take a sketch book and some pencils, sit on a bench overlooking a gorgeous landscape and draw away for hours.  I’ve got the sketch book and pencils but I haven’t made it out of the door with them yet!

The Paleo Chef – Easy to follow, East to cook & Easy to eat!

I recently joined the Blogging for Books site… you should totally check it out!  Free books in exchange for a review!  I didn’t go for a fiction book to start with as some of the non-fiction books appealed to me more.  There were a couple of craft books but this cook book really stood out to me.  All of my cook books are still back in the UK so I jumped at the opportunity to have one that I could flick through and make notes in!

The Paleo Chef

Top Ten Reads

I was challenged by Camilla at Making at Marking to list my top ten books.  Read her post here.  I must say that I found this post hard!!  For the last 7 years, I don’t think I have read more than 2 books due to my time being taken up with other things; mainly university studies and teaching.  I read loads in my mid to late teens but can’t remember many titles!

So here goes!  Some are a little abstract :-/

1.  Harry Potter (Full collection…predicatable)


These were normally my holiday books growing up.  My Mum works for a book supplier and I always had one on order for the first day of release 🙂  I was the typical teenager who secretly wanted to be a wizard, now I’m ‘grown-up’ I don’t mind admitting it!  It’s spellbinding (see what I did there!) how this imaginary world was created to seem so real.