Bags Galore…

I’ve just realised that I have been a ¬†little quiet on the blog over the last week or so. ¬†I’ve actually been overwhelmed with projects, and I have been quite busy trying to get things finished.

A few weeks ago I borrowed Lola Nova’s book from the library. ¬†This¬†isn’t a sponsored post‚ĶI’ve included a link for if anyone wants to look at it! ¬†It has some great projects in it and has a bit of a bohemian feel to it. ¬†Lovely photography and fabrics. ¬†I used one of the projects in the book as inspiration for my patchwork bathmat. ¬†There was also a couple of bag projects that I wanted to have a go at.

I needed a bag to take to the library, to hold any books or DVD’s that we are checking out or returning. At the moment, I am using a foldaway bag from H&M. ¬†The pouch for the bag is quite modern and has a geometric print on it. ¬†However, the actual bag is just a thin black polyester. ¬†Adam says that it is ugly and he sighs every time I use it! ¬†The Vagabond bag in the Lola Nova book seems like a perfect bag for library visits. ¬†The only thing that put me off was the bias binding; I declared my hate for it here, but I was prepared to give it another go.

Vagabond bag

Cute Bag Pattern Alert!


With all the beach trips we have been on and the many we have planned, I am always finding myself wanting to take a crafty project with me.  Most recently it has been crochet, but I have also had some hand sewing that would have been nice to complete on the beach with the waves crashing in front of me!  I needed a little bag where I could keep crafty bits separate to sun cream, drinks and towels to avoid any damage.

I came across a pin from Lori over at A Bee in my Bonnet.  Right at the top of her post is a row of these adorable little drawstring bags!  Cute and just perfect for the bag I had in mind; somewhere to put a few little bits, easy to access and covers the contents up from any sand that may be blowing my way.  I headed over to Ayumi at Pink Penguin for the tutorial.

Ayumi suggests using oilcloth for the bag, which would be perfect if I had some‚Ķbut I didn’t and I wanted to try and use some of the fabric that I already have.

I chose 3 fabrics to use, making the handles the same as the main body fabric, and I made the rim the same as the lining.