Sunday Sevens #71

Last week was the first week of my big health kick! I’m hoping to eat healthier and work out more – I’ve even signed up for a glow in the dark foam 5k run…eeekk! Maisy and Buzz have had their first full week with only Adam and I in the apartment, and I’m so pleased that they are getting along nicely. I don’t quite agree with them waking me up at 7am though!

1. My new combination cooker arrived! 🙂 It’s a pressure cooker and a slow cooker; I’m already in love with it! I have so much more motivation in a morning and I prefer to prepare our meals then, so slow cooker cooking is perfect for me!


Sunday Sevens #56

What a lousy week we’ve had! It rained at the start of the week and then went cold and miserable. I didn’t think I would be getting my cardigans and jumpers out this early! With it being miserable, we haven’t actually made it out that much this week so I don’t have very exciting photos. I’ve spent the last few days not feeling great either so I’ve only just got around to commenting and pinning the Sunday Sevens posts from last week – sorry guys! I’m feeling much better today and hoping to be much more productive this week…including blogging about the trousers I made ages ago. 🙂

1. Maisy decided to hide again and I found her snuggled on a dining room chair.