Sunday Sevens #50

For once, I’m doing an early post! I’m planning on being super productive today, so thought I would get Sunday Sevens done and dusted early 🙂 Enjoy!

1. We dog sat for a couple of days at the start of the week. It was lovely for Maisy to have a play friend and a garden to run around in. Sophie dog was really well behaved too!


Sunday Sevens #49

I hope everyone has had a great week! We have been quite busy this week – sewing, dog training  & lots of walks. The weather is still hot but I’m hoping that the storms next week will keep things a bit cooler. Air-con is my best friend at the moment!!

1. My new planner came. I’m hoping to be more organised with crafting, blogging, sewing & cooking! Fingers crossed!


Sunday Sevens #21

This is a bit of a late one today…it is still Sunday in the USA though! I really can’t believe it is February today! Already!! This week has been a strange one as things have been quiet on the paperwork/ sorting side of things. Visa paperwork has been submitted and we just have to wait. Our UK house is on the market so we just have to wait for viewings. We have also sorted the container to ship our belongings over the the US; we just have to wait for them. I don’t like waiting. I like to be in control of everything and I can’t control any of these things. It has actually been nice to just catch up with a few things this week!

1. On Sunday, we visited an antique store on the other side of the bay. It has always intrigued me as it is called “Alice’s Wonderland”! What a great name! They had some gorgeous stuff in but I held back and only purchased a couple of vintage Hoover Dam postcards. I am building my collection of vintage PC’s, mainly of places we have visited.


Sunday Sevens #18

Here are seven photos from my week. Don’t forget to join in next week and use the tag #sundaysevens 🙂

1. I only brought 2 pairs of everyday shoes to the US with me; 2 pairs of well worn Vans pumps. One pair got extremely wet in rainy New Orleans and stunk, so I washed them and because they were hairy zebra print…they melted and all of the hairs fell off 😦 My second pair were a beautiful tan pump with pink/purple aztec prints on the heel…I ripped them last week! Anyway, I managed to get 3 new pairs :-D.


Oooooh Postcards!

I think I am the only person that I know of who gets excited over postcards!  Yes, that’s right, real excitement!  I love them ❤  I wrote about Postcrossing and Swap-bot a few months ago.  I have now started my own little postcard collection.  I select some to keep and have also got ones that I send out.  I recently got a few sets bought for me to send, but I honestly don’t think that I can send them to other people….is that sad?! Rhetorical question…please don’t answer!

Until I started looking, I never really realised that you could buy books of postcards or collections.  I always thought that they only came individually. :-/  My first postcard book came from Amazon as a ‘nearly new’ book, and it has Westies in it!  Who wouldn’t love a postcard with a Westie on!



The Art of Communication

I still find it hard to believe that I haven’t sent a text message for 3 months.  I haven’t had a working mobile phone whilst I have been in the US; apparently I should have one in the case of an emergency but I haven’t got round to buying one yet.  I still use my iPhone but only where I have wifi and all other communication happens via our laptop.

A few weeks ago, I wrote letters to Grandparents as I thought that it would be nice for them to receive mail from me while I’m in another country.  I then received a reply from my Grandma and loved reading it.  There are a few reasons why written letters appeal to me:

  • I can make sure my handwriting is still neat, something that is easily forgotten when we communicate so much through technology.
  • The anticipation of waiting for post and replies;  I love checking our mail box every day to see what we have received.
  • The thought that a piece of paper for me has travelled across the World makes me smile.
  • Making other people smile by sending them post also makes me smile!
  • Even though I don’t collect stamps or postcards (yet), I find it fascinating to see the different designs that are available in different countries.

When I was younger, probably between 7-10 years old, I had a few pen pals.  I can’t remember their names as I never kept in touch with them.  Writing letters to family made me think about how nice it would have been if I had kept in touch with those pen pals.  This led on to me doing a bit of research and signing up to 3 websites, all focused around sending/receiving post!