Sunday Sevens #21

This is a bit of a late one today…it is still Sunday in the USA though! I really can’t believe it is February today! Already!! This week has been a strange one as things have been quiet on the paperwork/ sorting side of things. Visa paperwork has been submitted and we just have to wait. Our UK house is on the market so we just have to wait for viewings. We have also sorted the container to ship our belongings over the the US; we just have to wait for them. I don’t like waiting. I like to be in control of everything and I can’t control any of these things. It has actually been nice to just catch up with a few things this week!

1. On Sunday, we visited an antique store on the other side of the bay. It has always intrigued me as it is called “Alice’s Wonderland”! What a great name! They had some gorgeous stuff in but I held back and only purchased a couple of vintage Hoover Dam postcards. I am building my collection of vintage PC’s, mainly of places we have visited.


2. Caught up with my Influenster VoxBox tasks.


3. The Candy Cane Lane sample was in my VoxBox. I’m quite sad that I have only just tried it because it’s delicious…I’m hoping that they still have it in the shop!


4. I sent this photo back to my Mum as they have had more snow this week in the UK. I didn’t hold back from telling her that it was 18’c here and I was in a tshirt!


5. I started watercolor painting. It is hard. That is all!


6. New books from the library. I’ve whizzed through the Walking Dead Compendium one earlier in the week and loved it! I will write more about The Paleo Chef soon but I have selected the recipes that I want to try. I’ve almost finished Maus; a graphic novel telling the tale of a Polish Jew who survived the Holocaust. I never thought that such a story like this could be told through the style of a graphic novel. I recommend it highly for your reading list.


7. We did our good deed and took a truck full of stuff to the recycling centre.


6 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #21

      1. I know! We still can’t get our heads around it really! Winnie is staying with Adam’s Dad…she will provide some company for him 🙂 We are sad but think it will be unfair on her once we are both working and we couldn’t live with ourselves if anything happened to her during shipping/quarantine 😦

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