Sunday Sevens #76…or a few photos on a Tuesday!

This last week has been crazy busy! A couple of weeks ago I put a few application in for some local part time jobs that were available. Last week I went through the interview process and started my new job! Woohoo! As I was whizzing here, there and everywhere…I completely forgot to take the photos so here are a few I’ve fumbled together

1. I ate the last packet of cheese & onion crisps from my box 😦 I made the most of the experience and made my favourite meal.


Sunday Sevens #74 … or another Tuesday Sevens!

Yes, I know! It’s Tuesday and I’m only just getting around to sorting my Sunday Sevens out for last week. It’s been a hectic few days as Adam has been sick and Buzz was neutered yesterday so I’ve not really had the time to sit down and concentrate on the laptop! Anyway, here are my seven photographs covering last week!

1. This picture sums up our life at the moment. As soon as any food comes out, the dogs stop what they are doing and wait. I don’t know why they continue to wait as we never give them anything of ours!