Dreamy Dressing Tables

Have you ever dreamed about having certain pieces of furniture?  I have….in fact there are many types of furniture out there in the world that I have always wanted but not quite got to owning yet.  A dressing table is one of those fine pieces of furniture I have often thought about and dreamed of sitting at.

Our house in the UK is a 2/3 bedroomed bungalow, on the corner of a road with a sweet wrap around garden.  It is our first home together, after spending almost 7 years between our parent’s houses.  I couldn’t wait to get in and start organising, decorating and putting our personalities into it.  I found it a lot harder than I originally thought it would be!

Our bedroom was the first room we gutted; I say gutted because I don’t think it had been decorated since it was built in 1970!  We soon found out that everything needed doing in every room; plastering, re-wiring, woodwork, painting etc.  The largest room, where we have our bedroom, is a simple long rectangle with a large window covering the width of one of the short walls.  Due to the window placements, the bed was hard to position as we didn’t want furniture to cover the big window and we just didn’t know what to put where!  We certainly didn’t have room to put a dressing table anywhere!

Our rented apartment in the US almost has the same square footage as our bungalow in the UK!  It came fully furnished but no dressing table!  We have room for a dressing table but we are only here for a year so again I can’t really buy one!  I am sure that you can imagine my frustration :-0

I have put together a list of my favourite dressing tables.  If I ever had an eight bedroomed house, I would buy all 8 of these 🙂  If I ever get to buy 1 of these…I will let you know!

New dreamy dressing tables with numbers

1.  The Ransby table is from Ikea.  It is simple and the pop up mirror is cute.  Quite cheap too…always a positive!

2.  Something quite different from Barker & Stonehouse; the Borgia.  Normally they do a lot of solid wood furniture but this beauty is grey high gloss.  Another pop up mirror too! Woohoo!

3.  John lewis have a collection called Little Home, which this little love heart table is from.  I think the collection is actually designed for children’s bedrooms. However, I think this has quite a unique shabby chic feel to it.  Perfect if you don’t have a lot space too!

4.  I love this retro look.  Marks & Spencer have combined faux leather and oak to create the Conran Selwyn dressing table.  The smooth, angled legs remind me of a cabinet that my mum and dad had for a while that once belonged to my great grandma.

5.  Sleek and chic.  Simple but effective.  The mirrored strip detail on this champagne dressing table from Overstock (USA) really adds a touch of elegance.

6.  Target  (USA) have this traditional table, complete with an upholstered stool.  I can just imagine this in a room with high ceilings and  other dark wood furniture, similar to that made in the 1900’s.

7.  I once worked in Derbyshire, UK in an old farmhouse doing odd jobs here and there.  This rustic looking dressing table from Cookes Furniture reminds me of being there.  The sleek design only accentuates the quality of the oak it is made with.

8.  The last on my list doesn’t have any storage but just look how cool and ultra modern it looks!  This is from inmod.com and would look so swish with a no-frills mirror on the top.


Which one is your favourite out of the ones listed above?  Do you have a dressing table?  Does it get used?  

I want to hear all about them!

Note:  This is the boring bit that you have to write so no-one gets upset….these are all my views…not sponsored!  Though if anyone really wants to buy me a dressing table, they are more than welcome to 🙂

11 thoughts on “Dreamy Dressing Tables

  1. Pretty! I’ve never had or wanted one, but I see the appeal. Another place to look would be antique stores. My grandma had one, probably 1930-ish. It had a huge mirror, and drawers on each side. The top curved down in front, instead of having straight edge. And it had what I now know to be glove drawers. It was in her spare bedroom, and it fascinated me. I like the first one of the ones you’ve shown. (These are childhood memories. It might not have been as big as I remember it.)

    1. We saw one in an antiques store at the weekend that was just amazing! It was only $200 too! It had a curved edges, decorative handles and it was huge!

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