Sunday Sevens #16

Whoooops! Another late Sunday Sevens…if I changed it to Monday Sevens, I’m sure I would still post late 😀

So, here are 7 photographs from my week. I’m sure that everyone has had a super busy week too. We headed to New Orleans for a couple of nights, hosted our first Christmas dinner and got married!

I hope that all of my readers have had a great, fun filled week too. 🙂

1. On our first night in New Orleans, we headed to the Preservation Hall for the jazz band. Unfortunately it was too dark inside to get a good photograph with an iPhone 😦 The performance was AMAZING and our pre-booked seats were well worth the extra money. The queue to get in went right down the road and they ended up turning people away!


2. We loved roaming around the touristy shops…we found this guy and thought he was pretty cool!


3. Steamboat Natchez tour down the Mississippi River. It was very windy up front and we soon moved to sheltered ground!


4. Our hotel had beautiful decorations, just enough to get us in the Christmas spirit for our drive back.

hotel tree

5. Santa brought wonderful presents this year… he always does to be honest! I can’t wait to get started with the Gertie book, and send some postcards 🙂


6. Some small wedding preparations were completed! The lady at our venue let me borrow their huge chalkboard to have a play with!


7. And…we did it 🙂


Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog series where you post 7 photos from your week. Sometimes things happen in our lives that aren’t worth a full blog post but are worth sharing, so here is the blog series to do just that! Just write your own blog post and use the #sundaysevens tag. The Pinterest board is here…. feel free to share it! Grab the picture below for your blog and link it back to me 🙂

240 x 240

11 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #16

  1. What a lovely couple, your dress is beautiful Natalie and Adam looks very sharp, Congratulations and our very best wishes and luv xx

  2. A week unlike any other for you! Beautiful pics and I am looking forward to seeing more! Have you read much of the Gertie book yet? Chosen a first project from it? I am looking forward to seeing what you make, although it might have also crept on to my birthday list 🙂

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