Tea…Green Tea

If anyone has ever offered me a cup of green tea, I have always politely declined.  I had a bad experience with some green tea ice cream once; it was gross!  But lately I have been expanded my tea trying palette and was intrigued when I was asked to try out some Matcha Green Tea Powder from Kiss Me Organics.  With the powder, I received a link for a pdf recipe book with loads of stuff in – hot drinks, cold drinks, baking, pizza dough, sauces…loads!  I never really realised how much you could actually make with green tea powder!


My mum and I tried some as a plain and simple hot drink and we were both pleasantly surprised.  I actually thought that it wasn’t too dissimilar to the tea that I drink everyday.  I just didn’t put any milk into the green tea.  I have been having the occasional cup first thing in a morning as I find it quite refreshing and uplifting.

Today I tried the butter cookie recipe and I was in the mood for baking and had all the ingredients in.  The recipe was simple and straightforward to follow.  There was a part where I was supposed to add water but it didn’t tell me how much so I omitted that part!  I also put a teaspoon of cocoa powder in too.

Matcha Green Tea

The mixture was easy to fold in and because the match is green, it was clear to see the parts that I had not mixed properly. I will leave it up to you to draw conclusions as to what it looks like though!

Matcha Green Tea

I liked the look of the little hearts in the picture but my mixture didn’t roll well at all 😦 I ended up settling with small balls on my baking tray.

Matcha Green Tea

They only needed 15 minutes in the oven, which is what I like as I’m not having to wait around for ages to try them! They tasted like normal butter cookies, with a nice little hint of green tea. They were a little dry to have on their own, so I had a couple with a cup of tea whilst deciding on my next sewing project!

Matcha Green Tea

This is a sponsored post powered by Brandbacker.  If you would like to purchase the Kiss Me Organics Matcha Green Tea Powder, follow this link to Amazon.

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