Tea…Green Tea

If anyone has ever offered me a cup of green tea, I have always politely declined.  I had a bad experience with some green tea ice cream once; it was gross!  But lately I have been expanded my tea trying palette and was intrigued when I was asked to try out some Matcha Green Tea Powder from Kiss Me Organics.  With the powder, I received a link for a pdf recipe book with loads of stuff in Рhot drinks, cold drinks, baking, pizza dough, sauces…loads!  I never really realised how much you could actually make with green tea powder!


Tried & Tested No. 2

A few weeks ago, I shared 5 recipes that I had tried, tested & enjoyed. ¬†I’m back again to share another 5 with you!

We are still trying to cook meals from scratch and only buy the ingredients we need for the meals we have planned to have that week. ¬†I know that some people love meal planning and some people don’t. ¬†I like it because we hardly ever have food go to waste or out of date. ¬†I also like that we often make a larger portion of a dish and then freeze the rest for another night, which is great if we have a few errands to run when Adam gets home from work and then we can’t be bothered to spend an hour preparing food! ¬†How do you plan for your meals? ¬†Do you batch freeze? ¬†How do you do your food shopping if you¬†haven’t got meals planned? ¬†I am eager to hear what other people do, as I am open for new techniques/ options. ¬†Meal planning seems to work for us at the moment but I find it really hard to keep our meals varied!

Anyway… here are a few recipes that we have tried recently and what we think about them!