Goals: October 2015

Goals, goals, goals!  Here they are again!  I do find that the beginning of each month comes around much quicker than expected when I have set myself goals to complete. 🙂  My goals for September were met with mixed success, mainly due to other crafty things taking up my time.

I did manage to organise my fabric stash, which I feel great about!  I didn’t manage to make 4 garments but I did manage 2 pairs of trousers; not the Ultimate Trousers but the Cigarette pants from the Gertie Sews Vintage Casual book.  I do have plans for other garments but I’ve just been busy with other things this month and sewing has taken a back seat.

I finished all 3 books; Wasteland, V For Vendetta & The Other Life.  All of which I can recommend…even if they are a little odd!

The little Westie cross stitch had a good amount of my time this month.  I haven’t done as much as I would have liked to but I’m getting there.  I’m also realising that my eyesight is getting worse as I struggle to see the aida at once I haven’t got any day light. 😦


Our saving & training plan has been great for us.  We have really tried hard with our spending and have hardly spent anything on luxuries, meaning we have managed to save money this month. Training Maisy is also coming along nicely.  The only thing I really need to work on is her barking; she barks at everything!  I know she will bark because she is a terrier but she does bark so much – I’m thinking of going to a water spray to try to limit the unnecessary barks but if anyone has any other tips, please share!

Goals for this month!

1.)  We brought a lot of bedding over from the UK and I can’t find a quilt to fit it as the bedding sizes are quite different over in the US. So I have 6 quilt covers that I need to alter to fit a smaller quilt we have.


2.)  Sew 2 garments from my organised stash busting list. 🙂 I’m thinking of a vintage pattern + one other.


3.)  Read A Spot Of Bother by Mark Haddon.


4.  Continue working on the little westie 🙂

5.  Complete 3 full pages from my colouring books.

Let’s see how I get on this month!

10 thoughts on “Goals: October 2015

  1. I really enjoy reading your goals- it makes me want to have some! Well done on last month. I think you’re biggest challenge is going to be Maisy’s barking. It’s gonna be hard, is the barking something that will lessen as she get older and less excited?

    1. Thank you!! You should try a goals post 🙂 well, our Winnie westie was also a barker so I do think it’s in the breed; I’m hoping she tries to understand what she should/shouldn’t be barking at! Fingers crossed!

  2. Well done on last month. Sorry no idea on the barking, but age may not cure it. Mr Hicks barely barked until he was about 7, now he does it when he gets excited but not always. No idea what to do when he does, ignoring it sometimes makes it worse. It isn’t a huge deal though, so I haven’t really tried. He also barks when he wants something, but that seems fair enough.

    1. Our Winnie westie was a good barker too so I think it’s in the terrier breed! I hoping a little spray of water will keep her at bay: I don’t want to put her off barking altogether ! We shall see!

  3. Some really great stuff there… I saw the film V for Vendetta it was quite thought provoking, how did the book compare?

    I think this is a great idea might even try it myself..and set up some goals for November.

    1. The book was good but was still as odd as the movie! It’s a graphic novel so it’s easier to understand what’s going on 🙂 you should definitely blog some goals!

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