Goals: November Went, So Here’s To December 2015

If I’m totally honest, my Sunday Sevens posts have been the only posts that have kept this blog current for over a month.  I’ve just had a bit of a blogging break, and I’m not really sure why!  I think with all the other things that have been happening with projects & parents, I just haven’t really had the time to sit down and blog that much.  This meant that I completely missed my goals post for November and I also didn’t get the chance to review the goals that I had set for October.   This post is a bit of a catch up to keep you (& me!) updated with what I’ve actually been doing.  And of course, new goals will be set!

In my October post, I spoke about all of the bedding that we had shipped across with all of our stuff. Well, it turns out that all of our bedding is actually shorter lengthwise than the duvet size we buy over here.  I altered 2 sets and then realised this!  They’ve gone back into storage now and will be brought out again when I the time to properly search for an inexpensive duvet.

Even though it isn’t quite finished yet, I’ve worked loads on the little Westie cross-stitch and I think I only have 2 more colours to stitch now!  I did hope to have it completed in time for a local stitching meetup but it just didn’t get done. 😦


Not only have I read A Spot Of Bother recently (which wasn’t as good as I anticipated, but it did make me laugh!), I’ve also read Room and Death Du Jour.  I read Room due to the fact that the local indie theatre would be showing the newly released film but after I had read the book, the theatre decided to not show it!  I’m glad I read the book though as it was a very good read.  I was completely hooked and read it over a couple of days. 🙂


I didn’t manage to get 2 garments from my list sewn.  I managed half a garment…it still needs to be finished!  However, I did manage to make all of my handmade gifts for the #stitchingsanta I’m involved in and they will be blogged about next week. 🙂


My December goals are:

  1. Finish another colour on my Westie cross-stitch.

2.  Complete the vintage dress I have started.

3.  Read All The Light We Cannot See in time for my book club meet at the end of December.  Then start to read The Kite Runner.


4.  Continue to budget money in order to save!

I’m going to leave it there for goals as I know that with Christmas and my parents visiting, I may not have too much free time.  I’ll be back in January to let you know how I got on with them!

20 thoughts on “Goals: November Went, So Here’s To December 2015

  1. I’ve been trying to set some goals of my own, and that got me wondering how you were doing on yours. Sounds like lots of good progress has been made–love the cross stitch! I hope December is a fun and productive month for you!

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