Sunday Sevens #92 :-)

Hello there! Trying to get back into the swing of things (I know I’ve said that before!)…hopefully I can really get back into things this time around. I’m trying to be organised and get posts scheduled midweek when I’ve got free time & Adam’s not home as we always seem to be super busy at the weekends! I’ve only chosen 7 photos from the last few weeks as hopefully some of my other posts will include what I’ve been up to also; mainly house things!

1. Our move is slowly coming around so we have started to get things packed so it’s done ahead of time and we don’t have to rush with everything. Our spare bedrooms look crazy at the moment!


2. We went and did some proper ‘grown up’ furniture shopping, not in Ikea! We bought a new bed and spent almost an hour choosing a mattress. I almost had a heart attack at how expensive the mattresses were but we are seeing it as an investment. We now find it very amusing about how excited we are about getting the new mattress!


Sunday Sevens #80

So in the hope of not falling into the habit of posting double Sunday Sevens post…here’s my midweek Sundnesday Sevens (or fives! ssshhh! 🙂 In no time at all I’m finding myself wondering where all of my spare time is going! And I’ve also been forgetting to take photos AGAIN!!!!

1. We have some bushes outside of our apartment and this one bloomed this week! It looks very pretty, but also quite odd as it’s only part of the bush :-/


Sunday Sevens #36

Yey! Back to posting on a Sunday! Well, technically it is Sunday in the US but Monday in the UK 🙂

I feel like I have really got into the swing of things this week and have been quite productive!

1. They are replacing a lot of the roofing at the apartments and the building work puts Maisy off walking. She lays down every time we pass a large vehicle or a skip! Fun!


Maisy Puppy!

This time last week I was getting very excited because we had been given the ok to go and meet a little Westie puppy!

We had been looking around for a while for puppies but the thought of getting an 8 week old puppy was a little daunting.  I had never looked after such a young puppy before!  Growing up, we always had dogs around us.  My first dog, Tess, was a mixed breed and lived until she was 17!  We then had Nesbitt, the retired greyhound and when Adam and I got our first house, we rescued a 6 year old Westie called Winnie.  Winnie now lives with Adam’s dad, who spoils her rotten!

We came across a breeder who was 2 hours away in Florida.  She posted about an older Westie puppy (15 weeks) who had been returned to her because she was too much like a ‘puppy’.  We were told that the puppy was too much for the previous owner to handle so she kept her in a crate all day.  When we saw the little puppy we could tell that she had been confined because her paws and legs were stained from being in her own mess 😦  This made me very sad.

We knew that she would take just as much work as a young puppy but I’m in the position to do that at the moment.  When we arrived, Maisy came straight to us and fussed us so much.  She let us both pick her up and then jumped up at us when we put her down.  Needless to say, she came with us!