Sunday Sevens #92 :-)

Hello there! Trying to get back into the swing of things (I know I’ve said that before!)…hopefully I can really get back into things this time around. I’m trying to be organised and get posts scheduled midweek when I’ve got free time & Adam’s not home as we always seem to be super busy at the weekends! I’ve only chosen 7 photos from the last few weeks as hopefully some of my other posts will include what I’ve been up to also; mainly house things!

1. Our move is slowly coming around so we have started to get things packed so it’s done ahead of time and we don’t have to rush with everything. Our spare bedrooms look crazy at the moment!


2. We went and did some proper ‘grown up’ furniture shopping, not in Ikea! We bought a new bed and spent almost an hour choosing a mattress. I almost had a heart attack at how expensive the mattresses were but we are seeing it as an investment. We now find it very amusing about how excited we are about getting the new mattress!


3. I’ll do a separate post on some of my other finds at some point but I couldn’t not show you this little beauty we found at an estate sale! It’s a 1970’s reproduction of a 1930’s radio, does that make sense? We bought it and had planned to remove the wiring so we could put a bluetooth speaker inside. When we got it home we found out that it actually still worked!!


4. It was Adam’s birthday last week & amongst a few other bits, I bought him/us 2 new board games. Anyone played either of these?


5. Maisy & Buzz have both had their annual exams in the last couple of weeks & both are very healthy. We arrived early for Maisy’s appointment so had few minutes in the truck before we went in. She was quite vocal about how she wanted to get out!


6. Cute Buzz photo 🙂


7. He’s quite the cuddle bug these days and is very much a lap dog. Whenever we sit down, he can’t wait to get somewhere to snuggle. 😀


Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog series that YOU can join in with at any time!  You can do a post every week or just when you fancy 🙂  Display 7 photographs from your week; just to let your readers know what else you get up to between those bigger blog posts.  There’s even an image to grab for your sidebar!

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13 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #92 :-)

  1. Buzz and Maisy have stolen my heart, I love seeing pictures of them. I’ve never played those board games, but they look interesting! I love the radio as well, I’m surprised it still works though!

  2. Congratulations on the upcoming move, and your early preparations! Isn’t it exciting to get new furniture? And what a great find is that radio? Know all too well what you mean about mattress pricing – outrageous! 😱 xx

  3. Well done getting organised with your move! It will make it run so much less stressful for you as the time nears. Love your new bed, but your westies still the show again for me! 😀

  4. Looks like a fun week. Not going to lie pretty much all my my furniture in my house is ikea. Or second hand. I love my mattress from ikea, so comfortable but it did take a long time choosing it.
    Enjoy yours when it arrives.

  5. Ooh, reading this, you sound all American – you’re obviously well settled now, taking your dogs for their ‘annual exams’! Definitely all grown up if Ikea is off the radar and you’re excited about a new mattress. Welcome to the club! Can’t wait to see what you do to your new place – I think I’m almost as excited as you are about your new home!

  6. Good job here…..such early preparations for moving house are impressive, to say the least. You’ll enjoy the process much more that way….but it’s always a trial. Fun when it’s over though. I’m excited to see how your new home comes together! And I never tire of seeing the sweet pups; they are just adorable.

  7. Hi Natalie! I’m sorry I haven’t been commenting. Your posts haven’t been showing up in my reader; I just realized that I hadn’t seen anything from you in a while, so I went looking. I’m happy to see things look like they’re going well for you (even if you are dealing with moving). The new bed looks beautiful and you’ll so enjoy the new mattress–they are definitely a good investment when you find the right one! Have a wonderful week!

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