Malls…of the Antique Kind

The last few trips to the US have involved us researching and finding some of the best Antiques Malls within the areas we have stayed.  The last time we went to Las Vegas, we came home with milk jugs, christmas decorations and football pennants.  The things we buy are never ‘worth’ a lot of money but are the quirky little things that we like to have in our home.  It also amazes me that some of the drinks themed objects we have bought for a few dollars, can be found at 5 times the price in the UK!  Hence the reason we always have to buy an extra suitcase for our return journeys.

We went for a drive around Mobile to see what we could find and we came across a small antique store.  The large iron door gave the impression that it was closed but we tried anyway and in we went.  Many people might have walked in and straight back out again.   These antiques stores are not organised like charity shops.  There are things everywhere, piled up, hidden in boxes and tucked around corners.  For me, it is this little treasure hunt that I love.  Opening and exploring, not knowing what we might come across.

To my delight, I found a dressing table FULL of old sewing patterns; I bought 2.  I also found 2 pieces of fabric hidden under a box of bed springs!  Adam managed to find himself a vintage baseball glove.  A nice little lot for the tidy sum of $33.

edited pattern drawer


The lady who served us recommended that we also try a larger Antiques Mall across the road.  So we did!  This mall had designated seller areas so seemed a little more organised but just as bizarre and strange as any.

edited manequin head


I came across another small piece of fabric and also found a rail of vintage clothing.  I chose three items to try on.  I loved the print on all of the items.  Different, unusual and unique.  I decided upon a 2 piece outfit, made up of a pleated skirt and knotted blouse.  I was very impressed as it was my very first vintage clothing purchase!


edited vintage dress



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