A Hidden Treasure

I feel that Mobile isn’t really a big city for tourism.  There are many things to do here; museums, parks, shops…but it always seems to be quiet and peaceful.  We often end up wondering where everyone is and wonder if we are missing something!  Yesterday we headed downtown for some lunch and I then wanted to go and visit the library.  I was intrigued more than anything, not only was this grand building huge (bigger than most libraries I have seen), it was also quite mysterious.  From the outside, you could not see into the building.  Every time we had driven past, I had always wondered what it was like inside.

I had been on the website and looked into getting a library card.  I wasn’t entirely convinced that I would be eligible but I had proof of our stay and address.  The online catalogue also showed that there were some Mollie Makes books available; the ones that I had been looking at buying!

The car park was busy.  It appeared that this was the place where everyone was!  I filled out the form, presented my ID and was given a brand new library card.  Now, I hate to admit this but I haven’t used a library since my time in University, where all of the books I read were about various educational issues and they would help me to write assignments.  Over the last couple of years I have taken my class to visit their local library but never actually used it myself!

I was so impressed with the building inside!  Marvellous marble staircases and stone pillars made this library seem like no other. It was easy to look around, easy to navigate and I could easily see myself spending many hours here.  The craft/sewing section spanned 5 bookcases and I was getting carried away with my pile of books to check out.  I couldn’t find the Mollie Makes books but I found others that would keep me going for now.  Two of the books chosen were holiday themed and will be a great help with a couple of projects I have got in mind.  I settled on 4 craft books.  I will be returning, I spotted a book for dog clothes which will be a definite checkout in the future!  I also found a fiction book that I had been wanting to read for years.  As we walked towards the checkout desk, we passed the DVD rental section…so we rented 2 DVD’s for $1.50 for the pair!  New releases too!

This library is certainly one of Mobile’s hidden treasures.  Maybe it isn’t hidden, due to its size, but it’s one of the places that you would drive past.

I am now the proud owner of an American library card and have already placed some items on hold for my next visit!



6 thoughts on “A Hidden Treasure

  1. The library sounds great! I used the one in London ON loads, but mainly because it was the only place from where I could use the PCs to send and receive emails, back in the day! Your library description reminded me a little of The Time Traveller’s Wife – you should read it if you haven’t. If memory serves, it’s set in a Chicago library, and I loved the book but not the film. I’m intrigued to find out more about the holiday projects….Maybe I should visit (and first join!) my local library and check out the craft books. I’m thinking there won’t be three shelves full 🙂

    1. Haha I’m sure that there will be some craft books though :-/ I haven’t read it but it is one that I have always fancied, not seen the film either so I would be doing it the right way around!

    1. Thanks! I love the Cath Kidston ones! I’ve got a couple of them back home in the UK but not looked through this one at all, it has some really nice embroidery ideas!

  2. Oh the marvels of the library. It’s such a great resource that I think a lot of us forget about (including me.) The library I go to also has an online extension where you can rent e-books– which I thought was pretty cool. Hopefully those craft books help you make something awesome 🙂


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