A Pouch for Pics, Tuners & Leads

One of the main problems that I have found with living in a one bed apartment, is that it is so difficult to keep tidy.  I like to think of myself as an organised person anyway but anything that is left out looks messy 😦  Adam has placed his guitar and amp in the living room/open plan living area.  Accompanying his guitar are pics, tuners, leads and other things that I have no clue about!

Along came the double zippered pouch.  Two compartments; one for the leads and the other for the other bits!  This also counts as one of my Sew Selfless September items as it is a gift for Adam 🙂 … and it will keep things tidy!

I found this tutorial on Pinterest which seemed to be easy to follow.  There was a video and a series of pictures to flick through!  They were easy to follow and well labelled.  I made my pouch bigger than the one on the tutorial because I needed to fit a larger lead in.

fabric sizes

I needed the labels on the tutorial as working with 3 different pieces of fabric AND 2 zips was quite tricky (and confusing!).

Close up layers

I love these fabrics and I am pleased that I have still got quite a good length of each left.  I am not sure what to make next though!

The pouch has 2 different linings, which adds that extra special touch to it.  I am very pleased with how it turned out 🙂

Finished zipper pouch

Close up lining 2

Close up lining 1

Pouch with Guitar


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