Downtown Relaxing & Orange Beach

Ooops, my normal Monday ‘weekend catch up’ post didn’t happen yesterday!

I had been quite excited last week due to finding a craft fair in Mobile on Saturday.  I even got dressed before I had my breakfast, which is very unusual for me!  Anyway, the fair was easy to find and as soon as we stepped out of the car, we could smell the hot dogs cooking…it wasn’t dinner time yet but they were very tempting 😦  It was a nice little craft fair with many tents holding a variety of handmade luxuries.  Honey, jewellery, carved signs and much more.  We didn’t buy anything but admired a lot.  It is hard to buy anything ‘homey’ as we have always got “How would we get it back to the UK?” running through our minds.


craft fair football cushions

craft fair

craft fair quilts

We then moved on to our weekly library visit. We have rented the first season of Sleepy Hollow as the second season is due to start in the US (or has already started!). Bellies were rumbling and made us head downtown for something to eat. Heroes Sprts bar was busy and smelled AMAZING so we perched in a booth. My meal was so good; my mouth is watering right now thinking about it! A pulled bbq pork sandwich with sweet potato fries and coleslaw. We will be going back. It was that good, it had gone before I remembered to take a photo! After eating, we found a seat in the small square next to the bar. We soaked up the sun for a good half an hour 🙂


square panoramic

parking meter

oyster shell dauphin street

We also found this little painted oyster shell on our travels. A quick Google search showed us that these are placed around Mobile and surrounding areas; each one representing something different. There is a scavenger hunt/trail where you can find them all and answer a given quiz!

A beach trip was essential on Sunday so we headed to Orange Beach. This is by far my favourite beach so far! There was a lovely breeze; making the sun bearable, no bugs and lots of lovely shells available for collection. I had even bought a beach chair as I’m not a fan of sitting on the sand. We spent the afternoon sunbathing and jumping waves. It was lovely and I was very happy 😀


beach view right

pier view & sea

pier and beach

me on the beach

bird & pier

bird close up

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