Talented Tuesday Link Party – No. 21


 Welcome to Talented Tuesday No. 21!

Wooops!  I’m a little late to the party this week due to puppy drama!  Nothing bad though…Maisy does not let me do anything at the moment so getting a shower and getting dressed takes twice as long.  This week I decided to display my homemade sugar scrubs.  I’m still super impressed with them!  Each time I use them in the shower, the whole apartment smells like lemon or peppermint!  Make sure to check all the hostess projects out and scoot over to the other hostess blogs too.  Each of us pick 3 different features each week 🙂

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Sunday Sevens #18

Here are seven photos from my week. Don’t forget to join in next week and use the tag #sundaysevens 🙂

1. I only brought 2 pairs of everyday shoes to the US with me; 2 pairs of well worn Vans pumps. One pair got extremely wet in rainy New Orleans and stunk, so I washed them and because they were hairy zebra print…they melted and all of the hairs fell off 🙁 My second pair were a beautiful tan pump with pink/purple aztec prints on the heel…I ripped them last week! Anyway, I managed to get 3 new pairs :-D.


Sunday Sevens #6

It’s that time of the week again people! Sunday Sevens – seven photos taken daily, of my week.  Bits of my life that I would like to share with whoever reads this post!

I’ve really enjoyed my week this week.  I spent a couple of days focused on some paperwork that needed to be done, but I had been putting it off for a while.  Once I had completed it, I felt like a weight had been lifted…so a craft filled week was had!


1.  Easy access cocoa powder.  Cocoa powder in the UK tends to come in a cardboard cylinder shaped container and has a very awkward foil seal on it, which I have never managed to open without a puff of cocoa entering the air!  It was a joy to open this stuff!



Downtown Relaxing & Orange Beach

Ooops, my normal Monday ‘weekend catch up’ post didn’t happen yesterday!

I had been quite excited last week due to finding a craft fair in Mobile on Saturday.  I even got dressed before I had my breakfast, which is very unusual for me!  Anyway, the fair was easy to find and as soon as we stepped out of the car, we could smell the hot dogs cooking…it wasn’t dinner time yet but they were very tempting 🙁  It was a nice little craft fair with many tents holding a variety of handmade luxuries.  Honey, jewellery, carved signs and much more.  We didn’t buy anything but admired a lot.  It is hard to buy anything ‘homey’ as we have always got “How would we get it back to the UK?” running through our minds.


craft fair football cushions

The Wonderful World of the Throwed Roll

When Adam came to Alabama last year, he found a restaurant on his way home from a shopping trip.  When he rang me later that evening, he could not stop talking about the food, the experience and the atmosphere.

Lambert’s Cafe.  Three sites in the US; we visited the one in Foley.  No reservations.  No credit cards.  Just turn up and wait.

Lamberts edited


All that Adam kept telling me was that they threw bread at you and you had to shout up if you wanted some… to be honest, I didn’t really believe him.