Sunday Sevens #6

It’s that time of the week again people! Sunday Sevens – seven photos taken daily, of my week.  Bits of my life that I would like to share with whoever reads this post!

I’ve really enjoyed my week this week.  I spent a couple of days focused on some paperwork that needed to be done, but I had been putting it off for a while.  Once I had completed it, I felt like a weight had been lifted…so a craft filled week was had!


1.  Easy access cocoa powder.  Cocoa powder in the UK tends to come in a cardboard cylinder shaped container and has a very awkward foil seal on it, which I have never managed to open without a puff of cocoa entering the air!  It was a joy to open this stuff!



2.  Christmas crochet has started!

mollie makes


3.  Trying to co-ordinate the fabrics I have in my stash for a little project.



4.  Yorkshire puddings for tea….a little bit of home 🙂  We also took one across to our neighbour to try….he said he would have liked it better if it was covered in butter! :-/

yorkshire puddings


5.  Pro Bass Outdoors.  Never been in one before and it was very cool….I even beat Adam on the shooting game!

outdoor shop


6.  Heroes Sports Bar for the BEST pulled pork sandwich I have tasted!  This is getting to be a weekly occurance!



7.  Pet Sematary showing in the park- it was free too!  We both jumped out of our skin when a leaf fell from a tree and landed on us!

outdoor movie


Please feel free to get involved this blog series!  You can take part by creating a blog, similar to mine or you can use the tag #sundaysevens on other social media sites too!

These ladies have all been getting involved on their blogs, check their posts out:


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Check out Saturday Night Stitch over on Instagram too!

Grab the picture below and use it as an image widget in your sidebar….I’ve given up with trying to make a button that works!  Don’t forget to link your image and any posts back to me 🙂

240 x 240

6 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #6

  1. Haha I can imagine your excitement over the lack of puff from the cocoa powder!!
    Sorry I’ve not been taking part for a few weeks, life’s hectic!!

  2. Yorkshire pudding with butter? Yuk! Have you tried them with syrup though? Delicious. How lovely to find a few craft filled days. Will post this weeks Sunday Sevens later:)

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