Sunday Sevens #3

Here goes…a little bit of my week 🙂

1. Sunday Selfie on Orange Beach

Sunday Selfie 1

2. Nachos as big as my head….I didn’t eat them all!



3. First batch of baking in the US…packet mixes are not as good as home made victoria sponge 😦



4. Getting the hang of crochet…this led to…

Crochet flower


5. This…

Crochet hat


6. Love the trees in Mobile. Makes me think of horror movies!

Library Tree


7. Ferris wheel at the County Fair

ferris wheel

If you would like to get involved, you can read more about the Sunday Sevens link up in my original post here. There are buttons to grab, but sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t! If they don’t work, save the image below and insert it as an image widget with a link to the original post 🙂 I will be sharing some of your posts through social media, just look for the #sundaysevens tag.
The Pinterest board is here. If I miss anyone, please send me a nudge!

240 x 240

4 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #3

  1. Well done with your crochet efforts! I’m also not a fan of packet cake mixes, especially when homemade ones are just as quick to make. No Sunday Sevens from me this week, I’m afraid – too busy post-Yarndale!

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