Sunday Sevens #5

This week has been a very mixed week for me!  Lots of little projects on the go….which I still need to blog about!

1.  ALL of Monday was spent finishing this off!  Seems to have taken ages but very pleased with the outcome 🙂

bathroom runner


2.  First quick coat on another project.  Many coats of paint to go!



3.  Listening to Arctic Monkeys!  Reminds us of home; Sheffield,UK.  We (mainly Adam) are having many issues with our accents.  I can put my posh teaching voice on so it isn’t too bad but Adam has a good broad Sheffield accent.  These are just a few words that we are not to say;

summat = something

wunt = wouldn’t

reight = right

nowt = nothing

mardy = mardy

Arctic Monkeys
Sorry for the blurry photo- it was taken in transit!


4. Library visit

Library visit


5.  We had the hinges in our apartment replaced – I have no idea why but at one point there were 7 people working on them!!



6.  Halloween house hunting 🙂

Blow up ghosts


7.  More Halloween house hunting!  Can’t believe how much effort people put in over here!



Sunday Sevens – the Sunday Link Party involving 7 photos from your week! They might not be worth blogging about…but you still want to share them!

If you would like to get involved, you can read more about the Sunday Sevens link up in my original post here. There are buttons to grab, but sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t! If they don’t work, save the image below and insert it as an image widget with a link to the original post 🙂 I will be sharing some of your posts through social media, just look for the #sundaysevens tag.
The Pinterest board is here. If I miss anyone, please send me a nudge!

240 x 240

8 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #5

  1. Well, I daresay you’ve had issues with the Southern USA accents too! Just curious, what is “mardy”? I’m not familiar with that one. Halloween is a big deal, so make sure you carve your jack o’lantern!

    1. Yes we sure have! In Yorkshire, you would call someone marry if they were being grumpy 🙂 I can’t wait to get our pumpkins to carve! I have never even visited a pumpkin patch so we are definitely doing that too!

  2. Hi Natalie! I’ve just had a read and wow your up to lots of good stuff!! I’m new to this blogging and stuff and well abit dumb but I’ll get there maybe in 2020! Looks amazing over there for Halloween!! I’d love it! Ooooohh spooky!! Your food ideas look yummy too, I may have to have a try and if I do I will try to let you know… I can imagine that the accents are an issue, that did make me laugh!
    Anyway, I send my love and hope you’ve not done too much shopping I would be jealous of!
    P.s. Missing you at Norbridge!

    1. Hey! Nice to hear from you! I know, I’ve never had this much free time to be able to do so much stuff – it’s great! Halloween over here is AMAZING! We went to a horror film showing last night in a park, I was scared! haha! Hope you’re having fun too! xx

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