Hello Valentine’s Day :-)

Despite me spending many of hours of my week browsing websites, dreaming of the things I would like to buy, I hardly ever do ‘wish list’ posts!  With Valentine’s day coming up, I thought it would be nice to show you a few of the things I have been swooning over this week.

hello valentines day

1.  Bella J Deluxe Eye, Cheek & Lip Palette @Nordstrom.  $32.50
This is an absolute bargain!  Nordstrom have a few great beauty offers on their sets at the moment and I think this one is just too cute.  I’m not usually a fan of multi palettes as there are often colours that I would never use.  BUT these are MY colours…all of them!

2.  Cotton cushion cover @ H &M. $9.95 …. or £4.89 (UK)
I love the floral frame on this cushion cover and love the fact that it has a black background so it isn’t too in your face lovey dovey!  It’s quite a good buy in the US but even better in the UK as it’s currently reduced :-0

3.  Paradise Flowers Textured Jacket @ Cath Kidston. $104 … or £65 (UK)
I have missed visiting the Cath Kidston shop that I was close to in the UK.  Looking online just isn’t the same and I haven’t quite yet plucked up enough courage to do an online order.  I’m sure I will soon though!  This jacket will definitely be included because it is just AMAZING!  I would be happy all the time wearing this because who wouldn’t?

4.  Tiffany & Co Arrow Pendant. $350
This will be in my dreams for a while. That is all.

5.  Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar @ Lush. $7.95 … or £3.25 (UK)
Bubble bars for me are the epitome of luxurious baths.  I try to make them last as long as possible and love how they fill the apartment with a beautiful smell.  I didn’t realise how spoilt I was having so many accessible Lush stores near me in the UK.  Now the closest one is in New Orleans, which is a 2 hour drive away!  I will be doing an online order but I like to be IN the shop touching and sniffing!

6.  Confetti Hearts Sticky Notes Box @ Paperchase. $9 …or £5 (UK)
Inside this super sweet little box is an assortment of sticky notes, all different in size and design.  Everyone loves sticky notes, especially if they are sweet ones like these!

7.  Stuffed Toy Pig @ Muji, $26.60
These little toys are made from the scraps that have been left over from other items!  I like the pig because of the tiny ears and tail.  A perfect friend for any desk or craft space.

8. Strawberry Rhubarb Maramlade 3-wick Candle @ Bath & Body Works. $22.50
I haven’t tried any beauty/ skincare products at Bath & Body Works but I always go in to peruse the candle selection. They are really imaginative with their fragrances and they smell delicious.

9. Rata Lo Vans in Red Native Antique White. $52
I also need these in my life quite quickly. They would be the perfect pump for most summer dresses.

I hope you liked my Valentine’s selection!

4 thoughts on “Hello Valentine’s Day :-)

  1. I bought that unicorn thing from Lush and it’s not as good as we expected it to to be 😦 it does make good bubbles but we (my daughter and I) wanted more of a rainbow effect in the bath and that doesn’t happen… Maybe if we put the whole thing in it would be they’re too expensive for that!! We like to go to Lush for the demonstrations haha. They gave me a free sample once – I think just to get us out the shop!!

    1. As much as I love them, I do think that they can be a let down sometimes! Sometimes I have ones where a tiny bit makes loads of bubbles and then others don’t make any! I love the face masks too 🙂

  2. I know valentines has now been and gone, but I loved looking through your list of ideal gifts. That jacket is gorgeous BUT I think you could make a similar one! I think the pattern looks fairly simple and you could just choose some bright and flowery fabric. Have I convinced you yet?! 🙂

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