Mum’s Knitting Needle Case

When I started sewing more regularly (last August!) my Mum mentioned that she would like a knitting needle case as she couldn’t find one that matched the style she wanted.  My original thought was to make one for Christmas but I forgot and then by the time I remembered, I hadn’t got enough time.  So I set out to make one in July for her birthday – August 6th.

I had a good look around online to get some ideas for the one I wanted to make.  I wanted the make to be ‘fairly’ simple but also pretty and useful.  By combining a few ideas, I chose to make a roll with three horizontal sections for different sized needles.  I also want to add a bit of extra detail so I decided to quilt the outer piece of fabric.


I quilted the outer piece, stitched the pockets onto the inner piece, placed right sides together, stitched around the edge and flipped it through a hole.  In parts, it was quite difficult to sew as it had several layers, particularly along the bottom edge.  To close the gap where I flipped it , I did a simple line of topstitching around the upper edge.



I’ve just noticed that I should have given it a better press before I sent it! 
Notice the little flap at the top too; this is to place over the longer knitting needles to prevent them from falling out when it is rolled up.


It took a couple of weeks to get to Mum so it was a little bit late :-0 but she loves it!


11 thoughts on “Mum’s Knitting Needle Case

  1. My Mum’s a demon knitter as well, and I made her a very similar needle case! Wish I’d quilted it now….. 🙂 That looks super cute and I love the fabric combinations!

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