I DID IT! My first (recent) 5K :-) & tutus!


Some of you may have seen an in-progress tutu making photo floating around my Instagram, and I also put it on my Sunday Sevens post.  I made the tutus as an accessory to wear to my first 5k!  🙂  I say ‘first’ loosely because I actually did 2 5k’s back when I was 16 & 17, but that’s 10 years ago, so this one was my first recent 5k!


The tutus were really easy to make!  I bought tulle in the sale at my local Hancocks for $1.50 per yard.  I was making 2 tutus so ended up buying 3 yards of thick white, 3 yards of medium sheer white and 2 yards of light pink; 4 yards for each skirt.  This tutorial had a simple no sew method, where the tulle was cut into strips and looped around a piece of ribbon.


I simply distributed the tulle evenly around the ribbon and then I cut the full skirt to just above the knee.  Once they were completed, I felt that they needed to be a little fuller so I went back to the store to purchase 2 more yards of the heavier tulle.


We headed over to Pensacola in Florida, which is around 45 minutes away from us.  All week it had been gorgeous weather.  Typically, the day of the run was very chilly…I needed 3 layers and then managed to bag an extra t-shirt to keep warm from one of the volunteers who was handing them out to anyone who was shivering!



This was a FoamGlow run.  There was a pre-party where foam was fired out of cannons over the crowd AND there were three foam stations to run through around the course.  Once the sun had set, the black lights were turned and and everyone glowed!  My tutu gradually went from white to pink over the course of the evening. 🙂



The event was so much fun!  I loved running the course, even though I had a few walking intervals to get my breath back.  I’ve now signed up to a ColorRun 5k  in April and I really want to be able to run IT ALL! Fingers crossed 🙂

14 thoughts on “I DID IT! My first (recent) 5K :-) & tutus!

  1. Very impressed that you managed a 5k! And the run sounded like so much fun and a good distraction from the actual running! I really should put the running stuff I bought ages ago to use…

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