New Look 6413 – View C

I had a piece of black crepe type fabric that was next on my list to use.  I knew that I wanted make a dress for work so I needed it to be comfortable and cool.  I took to Facebook and Instagram to vote between the Tilly & The Buttons Bettine, New Look 6413 or Butterick B6205.  It was decided that I should make the New Look 6413, and I actually chose view C.  View C had the shorter sleeves and longer skirt length.

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 2.02.12 PM

The pattern was easy to trace off and easy to grade between sizes.  I did start this dress a little while ago so I can’t quite remember which sizes I graded between.  I *think* I chose the size 10 bodice and graded it into a size 12 skirt.  I also shortened the bodice length by 1.5 inches as I’ve got quite a short torso.  I didn’t realize until I started tracing but the pattern actually has a zip down the front of the bodice.  I did choose to omit the zip so I altered my pattern slightly and cut one bodice piece on the fold of the fabric rather than 2 separate pieces.



The construction of the dress was reasonably easy.  I inserted pockets and cinched the waistband with 1/4 inch elastic.  The only part that I had trouble with was the neck facing.  The voile fabric was lightweight so I bought the lightest weight black interfacing available.  As I was sewing the facing in, I thought it felt quite thick.  When I got to the front of the dress, where the v-neck is, I found it incredibly difficult to sew the facing on and I ended up with so much excess fabric on the inside.  This resulted in the dress standing away from my chest when being worn.  I’m hoping you can see it in the photos. Also…a couple of the photos show the dress pre-ironed! Ignore the wrinkles!


I had a few thoughts on how to solve this but eventually settled on making a tie that would sit over the v-neck and hide the clump of fabric!


Overall, I do like the style of the dress but I think my baby bump is throwing the waist off quite a lot.  If I make this again I would probably make it a little shorter.  I think it looks fine at the moment with a pair of wedges but almost looks matron like if I wear it with flat shoes.  I would probably make a round neck too rather than the v-neck to avoid all the mess with the interfacing!


3 thoughts on “New Look 6413 – View C

  1. This looks lovely.
    One way to avoid that much excess fabric when you turn the facing under is to stitch a flat bottom to the v neck. So instead of coming down one side of the neckline abs then pivoting with the needle down and going back up the other side. You come down one side then sew a few stitches horizontally then go back up the other side. This allows space for the fabric to turn under. Also clip the seam allowance right to the stitching line at the corners to allow it to spread when turned under.

    Maybe if you mace another one with the waist elastic a little higher it might sit over your bump a little better but still fit post bump. Xx

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