Closet Core Patterns Pouf

For the longest time, the Closet Core Patterns Pouf has been on my list to make. I’ve seen many people sew one up but I’ve been waiting for the right time to make mine. A few factors made me pull the trigger on beginning construction. I knew that I wanted to stuff my pouf with scraps, so for almost 2 years, I’ve been bagging my scraps up and it finally reached a point where I had 3 large bags taking up space in a closet. I also knew that I wanted my pouf to be somewhat coordinated, so I had to wait for a time when I had enough coordinating fabric pieces that were big enough to cut out the pattern pieces.

The pouf itself is actually a free pattern. You have to sign up to the newsletter to get the access password but that’s not a big deal. I’m consciously trying to be aware of the emails I subscribe to, and anything sewing related is approved!

Closet Core Patterns Pouf

I had actually saved enough fabric to make two matching toppers for the pouf, so that confirmed my decision to make two! I tried to match the side pieces to the top as much as I could but did have to make a couple of substitutions. I picked out a remnant of dark denim for the base.

Closet Core Patterns Pouf

The top is made up of rounded triangular (I’m sure there’s a proper name for that shape!)…anyway, they look like pizza slices. Each piece is individually finished and then sewn together in pairs, and then each pair is joined together and so on, until you have a full circle. Ultimately, you construct the three pieces; the top, the sides and the base, and then join all three together. I ended up using a shorter regular zipper as that’s just what I had in, and I also *accidentally* inserted the zipper upside down BUT this actually worked better for me as it meant that the zipper puller was on the inside, rather than on my floors.

Closet Core Patterns Pouf

I naively thought that my three large bags of scraps would fill two poufs. Boy, was I wrong! These things are like a never-ending abyss! My first pouf took ALL, yes ALL of those scraps! It does mean that it is super heavy but it is filled nicely. I do have to re-roll it every few days to get its shape back but it’s the perfect addition to our little reading nook.

Closet Core Patterns Pouf

A few extra notes: I didn’t reinforce any of the panels. This is fine for mine, but if you want it more structured, this is definitely something I would recommend that you do. I also didn’t make in inner lining for my scraps…I just shoved them in there! Should I need to wash it, I’ll just shake the scraps out and then re-fill it.

Now, for the next one, I have a bag of clothes that I had been saving because they weren’t quite good enough to donate to a charity/thrift store due to rips or stains, but I didn’t want to just throw them away either. I was actually thinking about putting them into my sofa cushion covers to fill them out a little but I’m now going to use them for the next pouf.

Find the Closet Core Patterns Pouf pattern here.

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