Rosie’s Bubbla Shorts

I’ve got a short and sweet blog for you today! I was just looking through my photos for ones to upload and I realized that I didn’t actually take many at all to show the construction of these shorts! I actually chose this Bubbla shorts pattern from The Eli Monster for one of my local sewing classes, but I wanted to make up samples to show during the class. This meant Rosie got some new shorts!

The Eli Monster Bubbla shorts

The construction is slightly elevated from that of basic shorts. These have a simple elasticated waist, where the waist seam is just folded over twice to make a channel for the elastic. The legs are then gathered and have a band attached to create that bubble look. I batch cut three pairs out for Rosie and stitched them up doing the same step on all three. Constructing them this way meant that I could get three pairs made up in less than 2 hours.

The Eli Monster Bubbla shorts

The only thing that I changed up on each pair, was the way that the seams were finished. Because I knew that we would be using basic sewing machines in class, I didn’t want to finish all three with my serger as I would be demonstrating other seam finishes. I chose to use pinking shears on one pair and then a zig zag stitch along the raw edge on another.

The Eli Monster Bubbla shorts

These fit Rosie perfectly and she loves them so much. She is now at the age where she understands that I made them and will ask for the shorts that “Mama made”, which absolutely melts my heart! I made her a size 2T and squeezed each pair out of less than half a yard of fabric. I have matching shirts planned for the shorts too so stay tuned on a blog about those too!

The Eli Monster Bubbla shorts

The Eli Monster Bubbla shorts

Pirate fabric is from Fabricworm.

Flamingo fabric was sent over to us from Rosie’s Grandma.

Geometric fabric is Art Gallery Fabrics. I managed to squeeze these ones out of a small remnant piece.

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