Sunday Sevens #56

What a lousy week we’ve had! It rained at the start of the week and then went cold and miserable. I didn’t think I would be getting my cardigans and jumpers out this early! With it being miserable, we haven’t actually made it out that much this week so I don’t have very exciting photos. I’ve spent the last few days not feeling great either so I’ve only just got around to commenting and pinning the Sunday Sevens posts from last week – sorry guys! I’m feeling much better today and hoping to be much more productive this week…including blogging about the trousers I made ages ago. 🙂

1. Maisy decided to hide again and I found her snuggled on a dining room chair.


Goals: August 2015

Sooooo…it may be over half way through August but I still wanted to update my July goals and talk about a couple for August even though there’s only 11 days left!

Woohoo!  I managed to bake a Victoria sponge – a full cake though not cupcakes – it was gorgeous but I didn’t get a picture. 🙁

Poor little Westie cross-stitch hasn’t got any fluffier – I will get it done one day! Honest!

I managed to get all 3 of the below done…even if they did overlap into August.  I didn’t get round to even tracing the pattern for the pedal pushers so I think I’m now going to push them to September.


Setting Goals for June 2015

I’ve seen a couple of goal blog posts before, mainly over on Handmade By Hannah, and I always feel very inspired after reading them.  There’s something about writing things down and almost being accountable for them…even if it is only in the blogging world!

So here are my goals for June 2015!  I will review the goals at the start of July and set some more. 🙂

Do you set goals for yourself?  Do you write them down anywhere? It would be great to hear what you think to my goals…hopefully they are achievable!

1.  I started this Westie cross-stitch ages ago.  I got this from my Grandma for my birthday in December and I feel like it should be done by now as it is very small!  I need to get it finished & framed by the end of June!


Sunday (Monday!!) Sevens #35

Well, this is an extremely late post! Sorry about that :-/ We have had a busy weekend and I just couldn’t face sitting in front of the laptop to blog last night!
Anyway, here are seven photos from my week. 🙂

1. Maisy has been getting comfy in between our pillows this week! I couldn’t do anything else but smile every time I went into our bedroom.


Quiche & Chunky Fries

quiche & chunky fries with text
One of my favourite things to eat is quiche.  I like it hot and cold, with lots of different fillings.  I used to love going to the deli counter in the supermarkets in England to buy a ready made quiche.  I can’t seem to find any here in Alabama though, so I set myself the task of making one for dinner the other night.