Ooooh an estate sale!

It was last Sunday.  It was miserable outside and we were fed up of being inside.  We set off out to find some antique stores to look around. I had seen a place online called Olde Mobile Antiques Gallery and it turned out that it was just around the corner from us!  We got there and it was shut.  I was sad but I should have known as it was a Sunday 🙁  When we returned home, I found Olde Mobile on Facebook and got terribly excited when I found out they were holding their monthly estate sale on Friday!  I have never been to an estate sale, and we had just picked up the truck which meant I could go on the opening day.  This made me very happy and I even got out of bed before 8am!

I headed down to the sale around 10:30am.  By this time, it had already been open for a couple of hours and the car park was packed!  As I walked through the car park, there were many people coming out with bags and boxes full of goodies.  I really didn’t know where to start when I got in.  I certainly didn’t think it was going to be as big as it was and it was a little overwhelming for a first time estate sale attendee like myself.

Estate sale inside

Bathroom Makeover Part 2 – Shelving Curtains

We do have a good amount of storage in the bathroom; shelves in the bath/shower area, cupboards under the sinks and shelving for towels etc. As I like everything to be hidden, I didn’t love having our towels and bathroom bin being on show so the second part of our little bathroom makeover involves the creation of shelving ‘curtains‘. ‘Curtains‘ being italicised as they aren’t really curtains, they don’t open but they do the same job as a curtain!

Sad shelves

Downtown Relaxing & Orange Beach

Ooops, my normal Monday ‘weekend catch up’ post didn’t happen yesterday!

I had been quite excited last week due to finding a craft fair in Mobile on Saturday.  I even got dressed before I had my breakfast, which is very unusual for me!  Anyway, the fair was easy to find and as soon as we stepped out of the car, we could smell the hot dogs cooking…it wasn’t dinner time yet but they were very tempting 🙁  It was a nice little craft fair with many tents holding a variety of handmade luxuries.  Honey, jewellery, carved signs and much more.  We didn’t buy anything but admired a lot.  It is hard to buy anything ‘homey’ as we have always got “How would we get it back to the UK?” running through our minds.


craft fair football cushions

Sunday Sevens #1

The other day I announced a new link up where bloggers would take one simple photo everyday of the week.  Sunday Sevens.  The photo needs to show something about your life; something that you may not write into a blog but would like to share! Every Sunday, the photos would then be put together on a blog and shared with the World!

The #sundaysevens tag can also be searched for on other Social Media platforms 🙂 Anyone can be involved, even if you haven’t got a blog, you can just tag away!

I know that people won’t have had enough notice to perhaps publish a first post today but I thought I would put something together to demo how it could be done. Obviously, it doesn’t have to be the same but it may give you a few ideas if you’re stuck!

1. The daily decision of which sauce to put on my sandwich.



One, The Other or Both



Part of my non-working routine here in Alabama is to read a range of blogs whilst having my breakfast and a few cup of Yorkshire Tea.  I favourite, like, share and comment in the hope of broadening my blogging network and finding future ideas and inspiration for myself.  The question that I’m asking myself everyday is whether I should use the ‘WordPress Reader’ or ‘Bloglovin’.

I like the WordPress Reader as it is easy to search for tags and easy to click the little follow button at the top of my  screen.  Making and replying to comments is smooth as I get notifications immediately on all devices.  I have found that if I am following a WordPress blog, they are aesthetically pleasing on the screen.  However, I have followed a couple of ‘non-wordpress’ blogs in the reader and they just look pants!  I find that I don’t want to click on them as nothing appeals to me 🙁

Bloglovin is something that is quite new to me.  I have a profile and my blog is linked to my profile.  Being able to mark posts as ‘read’ is a fantastic idea, and when I like a post it appears on my profile in a tiled fashion.  I have followed loads of blogs that I like to read (and adore the photography of!).  I don’t quite understand the commenting system as all blogs are different and I never know if anyone has replied to my comments…if anyone can shed any light on this I would be extremely grateful!

Bloglovin seems to be the way forward.  The design, the features and the ability to follow all blogs, including WordPress blogs.  But I can’t help but think that I would be abandoning WordPress 🙁  I like getting followers though WordPress and I’m sure others do too.  If someone followed me on Bloglovin, would they also follow me through their WordPress Reader?  Probably not!

I am interested to see what everyone uses.  Wordpress Reader? Bloglovin? Both?

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