Sunday Sevens #1

The other day I announced a new link up where bloggers would take one simple photo everyday of the week.  Sunday Sevens.  The photo needs to show something about your life; something that you may not write into a blog but would like to share! Every Sunday, the photos would then be put together on a blog and shared with the World!

The #sundaysevens tag can also be searched for on other Social Media platforms 🙂 Anyone can be involved, even if you haven’t got a blog, you can just tag away!

I know that people won’t have had enough notice to perhaps publish a first post today but I thought I would put something together to demo how it could be done. Obviously, it doesn’t have to be the same but it may give you a few ideas if you’re stuck!

1. The daily decision of which sauce to put on my sandwich.



2. I could not mange without this at the moment! I have also realised that I can get at least 5 cups out of one teabag if I use the coffee percolator.

Yorkshire Tea


3. I hate cooking on an electric hob.

Electric hob


4. Too many ideas. Planned, organised and dated.

Planning organising


5. Inspiration.



6. The road to nowhere. Day trip to Dauphin Island.

Bridge to nowhere


7. The first in America.



There you go!  My first week of Sunday Sevens 🙂

Please feel free to see the original post here. Or grab the buttons from below and join in 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing the posts!

*** These buttons were working on the original post, and now they seem to be a little broken!  If they don’t work for you, try saving the button image in your media library and inserting an image widget, linking the image back to the original post 🙂  If anyone with button knowledge can help, feel free to get in touch***

150 x 150:

240 x 240:

6 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #1

      1. Sorry! I really don’t know why it isn’t working, the originals worked for me and now they won’t 😦 Could you try saving the image and doing it through an image widget? I’ve done that before for a couple I couldn’t get to work 🙂

  1. This is a neat idea, and I will try to participate this week. Try being the operative word there–some weeks I have a memory like a steel sieve. Love the bridge picture–there are a number of “bridges to nowhere” along the East and Gulf coasts.

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