Sunday Sevens #90

I know, I know…I’ve missed a week again! Recently I’ve felt like blogging has been at the bottom of my to-do list ūüė¶ BUT I do still have 7 photos to share with you from the last couple of weeks!

1. My current read is To Kill A Mockingbird. As much as I love reading, I have just never had the chance to read this book. However, my Mum was re-reading it when she came to visit at Christmas so she left me her copy…published in 1976!!!


2. We bought kayaks!


Review: The Watercolor Course You’ve Always Wanted by Leslie Frontz


I’ve been drawn in by another painting book. ¬†I’ve been on the lookout for one for a while as the ones I got from the library a while ago just weren’t what I needed. ¬†When I draw or paint, I have to ¬†use a photo of whatever the subject is. ¬†I’ve never been any good at drawing what is in front of me; it’s just the way my mind processes images. ¬†Even if I sit with a view ahead of me, I find it easier to take a photo of that view and then use the photo as a guide…I hope that makes sense!

Review: The Time Garden by Daria Song

Aaaaaaahhh adult colouring books. ¬†All of a sudden it’s cool to be colouring in these books. ¬†As a teacher and crafty person, I’ve always loved crayons, colouring and drawing. ¬†I’m actually quite pleased that more people are embracing their creativity. ¬†I was intrigued to try one out so I¬†requested The Time Garden by Daria Song from Blogging For Books to review.


Review: What You Left Behind by Samantha Hayes


This book by Samantha Hayes and is my most recent pick from Blogging For Books.  What You Left Behnd is a crime thriller book, which is one of my favourite genres.  I have had the book for a while now and I must admit that it took me a good few chapters to get interested in the storyline.  But, once I was hooked, I could not put it down and read the rest of the book quickly!

Lighten Up, Y’all – Classic Southern Recipes

I’m still getting used to the cooking styles and tastes that come from the Southern States. ¬†Most things I have loved but some things have just blown my mind because I just never seen them before. ¬†When this Lighten Up, Y’all cookbook by Virginia Wells became available for review on Blogging For Books, I snapped it up quickly!