The Week of Megan Dresses


I havent deviated from my plan yet! I am still working systematically through the Love At First Stitch book from Tilly Walnes. The next project in the book is the Megan dress. This is a dress that had appeared on my Twitter and Instagram feed quite a lot recently so I was really looking forward to making one for myself. I didn’t have any medium weight cottons in so chose firm woven polyester knits for both makes!

The Delphine

As I am working my way through the Love At First Stitch book from Tilly & the Buttons, my next project was to be the Delphine skirt. The skirt is a simple a-line skirt with a certain amount of structure. I chose to use some fabric that I had found at an estate sale; very cheap as I got the full box of fabric for $5. I can’t even describe this fabric because I’m RUBBISH at recognising fabrics. All I can tell you is that it is woven, quite thick and makes my scissors fluffy!

I set out cutting the material and it worked perfectly with the small amount of fabric that I had. I just had enough interfacing left to use too. I cut a size 5 for this, despite my hip measurement being closer to a 4. I thought it would be better to match the pattern to my waist as that is where the fastening would sit. I was really impressed with how the skirt came together to start with. Overlocking was a breeze and it resembled a skirt very quickly *happy dance*.  I inserted an invisible zip and it was invisible! My last attempt at inserting an invisible zip was successful as the zip looked fabulous, it just wasn’t invisible. I concentrated more this time and managed to do it using only a normal zipper foot.

Delphine Skirt

The Dress That Almost Wasn’t Blogged About… & a Tilly Brigitte Scarf

Back in November I made a dress from my vintage stash using this pattern. It’s the Simplicity 8541 from back in 1969…I could have submitted it for the 2014 vintage pledge but I didn’t.


This was my first time using a polyester knit for a garment and it just didn’t go smoothly. I couldn’t get the collar to sit right, the pleat had disappeared and it was too tight. It was put into the cupboard and forgotten about. However, I got it out to try on earlier this week as I wanted to use the left over material for something else I had in mind. I put it on and then wondered what I had been fussing about when I made it. The collar isn’t a disaster, it’s ok and it wasn’t as tight as I remembered it being! So here I am today, blogging about it!